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Team Information

Rift Raiders is a Fortnite Club founded by Epic Games. It is one of the 5 clubs formed to participated the 2018 Fall Skirmish.

The name Rift Raiders made of Rift which is a mysterious object added in Season 5, Upon entering players will teleported up into the sky

The word Raiders is a reference to the Raider subclass in Save The World

Club Members[edit]

Club Members EU
France Brawks 
United Kingdom DanTDM 
France Deadra 
Poland Ewron 
Czech Republic Fritol 
Spain Grefg 
Turkey h3x 
France Julez 
Sweden Kling 
Poland Leh 
Netherlands Mitr0 
France Nems 
Czech Republic Novash 
Germany Pain 
Poland Povity 
Sweden Povsy 
Turkey Script 
Denmark Slugg 
France Sops 
United Kingdom Tinny 
Greece Villex 
France Xari 
France Yoshi 
Turkey Yukes 
Club Members NA
USA Amaize 
USA Cloak 
USA Dimes 
Canada Dooble 
USA drnkie 
USA Emad 
USA Flakes 
USA Joseph 
USA Kiwiz 
USA KP5ive 
Hong Kong Kreo 
USA Lasius 
USA Neace 
USA niibs 
USA Rieo 
USA Tfue 
USA TopGun 
USA Trizz 
USA TopGun 
USA ZexRow