Arena of Survival 2020 Summer - Regular Season

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[e][h]Arena of Survival 2020 Summer - Regular Season
League Information
Arena of Survival Arena of Survival
Vietnam Hanoi
Garena Studio Hanoi
Garena Studio HCM
Prize Pool:
105,000,000 ₫ VND
(≃ $4,550 USD)
Start Date:
End Date:
Liquipedia Tier:


Broadcast Talent[edit]


  • League Qualifiers: May 30th - June 6th, 2020 in Garena Studio, Vietnam Ho Chi Minh & Vietnam Hanoi.
    • Open Signups to 144 Teams for each offline qualifier
    • Top 6 of each location qualified

  • Group Stage : June 21st - July 26th in Garena Studio, Vietnam Ho Chi Minh & Vietnam Hanoi.
    • Top 12 qualifier
    • Top 6 of AOS 2020 Spring
      • 6 Weeks of League Play - 18 Teams are split into three groups of 12 teams, League Round Robin
        (Each team played 4 matches per week)
      • Top 12 qualified for Finals
      • All qualified teams are also granted headstart points based on their regular season placement

  • Finals : August 8th in Quần Ngựa Sports Place, Vietnam Hanoi

Prize Pool[edit]


AOS 2020 Spring[edit]

1 Roster of Cloud bought by a vietnamese streamer, GAO


HQ Esports1
1Vietnam NTN 
2Vietnam SoCiuuu 
3Vietnam Hoang 
4Vietnam FunkyM 
5Vietnam Duong 
Kill For Survival
1Vietnam CiuuuVN 
2Vietnam WhisKey 
3Vietnam Bunny 
4Vietnam BoyK 
5Vietnam TBD 
Brother Gaming
1Vietnam Lucifer 
2Vietnam BOT 
3Vietnam 9KYS 
4Vietnam NamThan 
5Vietnam nangK 
Quality Team
1Vietnam Beo 
2Vietnam Shin 
3Vietnam Joker 
4Vietnam Loyal 
5Vietnam TBD 
Wasted Potential
1Vietnam Lucky 
2Vietnam Shake 
3Vietnam Khanhan 
4Vietnam LuuTrung 
5Vietnam Holy 
1Vietnam PhuDai 
2Vietnam KimChon 
3Vietnam Panda 
4Vietnam Banh 
5Vietnam 3K 
Wasabi Gaming
1Vietnam DADDY 
2Vietnam NGO36 
3Vietnam HunterX 
4Vietnam NowayM 
5Vietnam ManHT 
Ha Noi Team
1Vietnam Mr141 
2Vietnam BUFFALO 
3Vietnam ThaiSon 
4Vietnam TreNghe 
5Vietnam Genji 
1Vietnam Ljz 
2Vietnam SEVEN 
3Vietnam Nv_OC 
4Vietnam NAT 
5Vietnam BI 
1Vietnam MewKiu 
2Vietnam Bin 
3Vietnam TuanAnh 
4Vietnam T89 
5Vietnam BoySH 
X-Game Omega
1Vietnam HaiMaNon 
2Vietnam Aaron 
3Vietnam NoHope4U 
4Vietnam X-Black 
5Vietnam SinYP 
Phu Quy
1Vietnam TN 
2Vietnam TS 
3Vietnam DT 
4Vietnam STM 
5Vietnam VUPK 
1 HQ Esports signed the roster of Forthood [1]
2 Roster of AFK Gaming signed by Heavy [2]
3 EROS Gaming signed the roster of SCVG [3]


Regular Season
Team Round 1 Round 2Round 3Round 4Round 5Round 6 Total
1. Heavy R1 139R2 83R3 83R4 85R5 95R6 81566
2. Team Flash R1 61R2 120R3 172R4 61R5 73R6 63550
3. V-Gaming R1 87R2 79R3 131R4 97R5 79R6 69542
4. BOX Gaming R1 12R2 67R3 74R4 99R5 93R6 145490
5. ProA R1 63R2 58R3 139R4 65R5 21R6 75421
6. EROS Gaming R1 74R2 60R3 34R4 80R5 61R6 104413
7. HQ Esports R1 90R2 73R3 70R4 41R5 64R6 39377
8. GAO R1 117R2 64R3 36R4 44R5 65R6 40366
9. Phu Quy R1 83R2 94R3 33R4 51R5 39R6 56356
10. Quality Team R1 47R2 39R3 56R4 61R5 105R6 35343
11. Brother Gaming R1 77R2 62R3 38R4 65R5 27R6 70339
12. Wasabi Gaming R1 34R2 52R3 31R4 79R5 102R6 38336
13. X-Game Omega R1 24R2 57R3 17R4 61R5 68R6 73300
14. Menu R1 55R2 47R3 29R4 46R5 40R6 79296
15. Wasted Potential R1 67R2 14R3 34R4 40R5 60R6 36251
16. Ha Noi Team R1 24R2 36R3 48R4 55R5 48R6 24235
17. Kill For Survival R1 34R2 19R3 60R4 33R5 34R6 35215
18. 8X.Team R1 16R2 29R3 34R4 21R5 18R6 26144