Free Fire Pro League Thailand Season 3

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[e][h]Free Fire Pro League Thailand Season 3
League Information
Pro League Thailand Pro League TH
Thailand Bangkok
Montri Studio
Prize Pool:
฿5,000,000 THB
(≃ $165,802 USD)
Start Date:
End Date:
Liquipedia Tier:


Broadcast Talent[edit]


  • Group Stage: September 12th - October 31st in Montri Studio, Thailand Bangkok
    • 12 Invited Teams
    • Top 8 from online qualifier
      • 7 Weeks of League Play - 20 Teams are split into five groups of 4 teams
      • Top 12 qualified for Season 3 Finals and secured Season 4 spots
  • Finals : November 14th in Montri Studio, Thailand Bangkok

Prize Pool[edit]

฿5,000,000 THB are spread among the teams as seen below:
Winner qualified for Continental: Asia
2nd & 3rd qualified for Asia Play-ins

(Converted USD prizes are based on the currency rate on Nov 14, 2020: 1 THB ≃ 0.03316 USD.)


(Converted USD prizes are based on the currency rate on Nov 14, 2020: 1 THB ≃ 0.03316 USD.)




Illuminate Slow TwoK
1Thailand TOP 
2Thailand GODNEW 
3Thailand YINGHUA 
4Thailand Luffy 
5Thailand Mue Tob 
6Thailand Notebu 
BOOM Esports TH
1Thailand Few 
2Thailand Hungry 
3Thailand Moshi18 
4Thailand Petch 
5Thailand WinKorat 
6Thailand TBD 
1Thailand Phalo 
2Thailand DETBUU 
3Thailand DREAMBUU 
4Thailand RAMZY 
5Thailand Hady 
6Thailand Star 
King of Gamers Club
1Thailand JLX 
2Thailand Moodum 
3Thailand GETBU 
4Thailand Osaka77 
5Thailand Jojoe 
6Thailand Kevin 
1Thailand OMEGA 
2Thailand SHAROP 
3Thailand HUAHED 
4Thailand RunX2 
5Thailand MoMo 
6Thailand TBD 
Delta X
1Thailand GUYNA 
2Thailand FIXER 
3Thailand ONEPIECE 
4Thailand JUMPER 
5Thailand SACOOL 
6Thailand LEGENDS 
EVOS Esports TH
1Thailand Joena 
2Thailand Rambo 
3Thailand TheCruz 
4Thailand Lukz 
5Thailand D_Long 
6Thailand TBD 
Tonkla Esports
1Thailand Patrick 
2Thailand BoomGod 
3Thailand UL4K 
4Thailand CASPER 
5Thailand RIXTER99 
6Thailand TBD 
Bacon Time
1Thailand CakeXI 
2Thailand Peter 
3Thailand Salef 
4Thailand ARen 
5Thailand Ubon 
6Thailand NICKKY 
Pinto Gaming
1Thailand Ken 
2Thailand JASMINz 
3Thailand Scout 
4Thailand NewYear 
5Thailand Gona 
6Thailand Aosgar 
Memorial Gamer
1Thailand Oasis 
2Thailand Paroom 
3Thailand Oxsiz 
4Thailand Javis 
5Thailand Jamo 
6Thailand Niorna 
1Thailand Demonic 
2Thailand Karamel 
3Thailand OMG 
4Thailand Bruno 
5Thailand JumpGodZ 
6Thailand CommonBaby 
EXP Esports
1Thailand TripleX 
2Thailand Hoysang 
3Thailand PoonGOd 
4Thailand Pookkkkk 
5Thailand Caramel 
6Thailand Oatna 
1Thailand Balon 
2Thailand RinVher 
3Thailand Robin 
4Thailand Tomorrow 
5Thailand Namo 
6Thailand TBD 
1Thailand HiwGOD 
2Thailand Baibua 
3Thailand Roddik 
4Thailand X-SHOT 
5Thailand TAWAN 
6Thailand TBD 
King of Shot
1Thailand CokMuay 
2Thailand KhongLen 
3Thailand JoSab 
4Thailand REBORN 
5Thailand ICE-TSU 
6Thailand TBD 
1Thailand JaoPor 
2Thailand BossPy 
3Thailand Sorry 
4Thailand P4 
5Thailand BILPY 
6Thailand DANBU 
Xavier Esports
1Thailand Sameul 
2Thailand GuFirst 
3Thailand Jonathan 
4Thailand Br1sna 
5Thailand TBD 
6Thailand TBD 
PC Esports
1Thailand Craven 
2Thailand Ikkiew 
3Thailand Tonoak 
4Thailand Nayphan 
5Thailand Lommuay 
6Thailand TBD 
Chonburi Esports
1Thailand SANSON 
2Thailand SAMKAN 
3Thailand WASANA 
4Thailand DRAGON 
5Thailand SUGUS 
6Thailand SAVAGE 


Group Stage[edit]

Regular Season
Team Round 1
Round 1
September 13, 2020 - 19:00 THA
Round 2
Round 2
September 19, 2020 - 19:00 THA
Round 3
Round 3
September 25, 2020 - 19:00 THA
Round 4
Round 4
October 4, 2020 - 19:00 THA
Round 5
Round 5
October 11, 2020 - 19:00 THA
Round 6
Round 6
October 18, 2020 - 19:00 THA
Round 7
Round 7
October 31, 2020 - 19:00 THA
1. King of Gamers Club W1 108W2 351W3 92W4 85W5 167W6 149W7 1921144
2. Bacon Time W1 195W2 130W3 256W4 0W5 122W6 118W7 2111032
3. EVOS Esports TH W1 71W2 97W3 144W4 132W5 176W6 76W7 194890
4. EXP Esports W1 69W2 64W3 106W4 166W5 187W6 60W7 232884
5. PC Esports W1 170W2 48W3 215W4 0W5 118W6 179W7 149879
6. File:Boom Esports logo std.png BOOM Esports TH W1 60W2 44W3 116W4 137W5 135W6 54W7 278824
7. Delta X W1 28W2 168W3 112W4 89W5 120W6 160W7 124801
8. CGGG W1 139W2 54W3 192W4 0W5 203W6 118W7 79785
9. Memorial Gamer W1 47W2 138W3 95W4 93W5 63W6 125W7 206767
10. Karamel W1 51W2 218W3 36W4 57W5 131W6 161W7 92746
11. Tonkla Esports W1 49W2 39W3 96W4 77W5 176W6 144W7 138719
12. JERDZAKill W1 42W2 145W3 32W4 111W5 53W6 139W7 182704
13. Freedom W1 64W2 128W3 132W4 32W5 45W6 134W7 162697
14. Xavier Esports W1 155W2 61W3 204W4 9W5 63W6 95W7 98685
15. Illuminate Slow TwoK W1 35W2 101W3 44W4 116W5 52W6 104W7 204656
16. Pinto Gaming W1 61W2 91W3 134W4 69W5 123W6 91W7 79648
17. MOJI VANILA W1 76W2 66W3 80W4 54W5 157W6 105W7 59597
18. Just.Cation W1 17W2 147W3 4W4 109W5 51W6 55W7 138521
19. Chonburi Esports W1 18W2 52W3 84W4 91W5 21W6 32W7 81379
20. King of Shot W1 14W2 83W3 18W4 44W5 42W6 105W7 66372


Team Round 1
Round 1
November 14, 2020
Round 2
Round 2
November 14, 2020
1. EVOS Esports TH P 104K 64168
2. King of Gamers Club P 82K 64146
3. EXP Esports P 87K 50137
4. File:Boom Esports logo std.png BOOM Esports TH P 73K 48121
5. JERDZAKill P 38K 5088
6. POPS Bacon Time P 39K 4483
7. PC Esports P 48K 3280
8. Tonkla Esports P 42K 3476
9. Karamel P 41K 2869
10. CGGG P 27K 2047
11. Memorial Gamer P 19K 2443
12. Delta X P 18K 826