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Free Fire Pro League Thailand Season 7

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[e][h]Free Fire Pro League Thailand Season 7
Slogan: Beyond The World
League Information
Pro League ThailandPro League Thailand Pro League TH
Thailand Thailand
Prize Pool:
฿5,000,000 THB
(≃ $141,108 USD)
Start Date:
End Date:
Liquipedia Tier:

FFPL Thailand Season 7 is the 7th season of the Thai league bringing together 18 of the best teams.


Broadcast Talent[edit]


  • Regular Season: August 12nd - September 30th, 2022.
    • Round Robin Format: 20 Teams are split into five groups of 4 teams
    • 8 Weeks of League Play, including 20 game days (Fridays, Saturday and Sundays)
      • 3 Game Days per Week (except W4 & W8 only have 1 Game Day), 4 Matches each day
      • Each team plays 48 matches in total in the league
    • Top 6 qualified for Grand Final
    • 7th - 18th entered Play-ins
  • Play-ins: October 2nd, 2022.
    • 12 Teams - 8 matches
    • Top 6 qualified for Grand Final
  • Grand Final: October 16th, 2022.
    • 2 Days, each with 8 matches


  • Top 12 from Season 6
  • 8 Teams from Survivals Master



Week Day Date Group
Week 1 Day 1 August 12nd A vs B vs D
Day 2 August 13rd C vs D vs E
Day 3 August 14th B vs C vs E
Week 2 Day 4 August 19th A vs D vs E
Day 5 August 20th B vs C vs D
Day 6 August 21st A vs B vs E
Week 3 Day 7 August 26th B vs D vs E
Day 8 August 27th A vs C vs D
Day 9 August 28th A vs B vs C
Week 4 Day 10 September 2nd A vs C vs E
Week 5 Day 11 September 9th A vs B vs D
Day 12 September 10th C vs D vs E
Day 13 September 11st B vs C vs E
Week 6 Day 14 September 16th A vs D vs E
Day 15 September 17th B vs C vs D
Day 16 September 18th A vs B vs E
Week 7 Day 17 September 23rd B vs D vs E
Day 18 September 24th A vs C vs D
Day 19 September 25th A vs B vs C
Week 8 Day 20 September 30th A vs C vs E

Prize Pool[edit]

฿5,000,000 THB (≃ $? USD) are spread among the teams as seen below:

(Converted USD prizes are based on the currency rate on Aug 18, 2022: 1 THB ≃ 0.02822 USD.)

Base Prize[edit]

Grand Finals
A11st ฿2,000,000 A77th ฿150,000
A22nd ฿700,000 A88th ฿120,000
A33rd ฿400,000 A99th ฿100,000
A44th ฿300,000 B010th ฿100,000
A55th ฿200,000 B111th ฿80,000
A66th ฿180,000 B212th ฿80,000
Regular Season
A11st ฿25,000 A33rd ฿25,000
A22nd ฿25,000 A44th ฿25,000


(Converted USD prizes are based on the currency rate on Aug 18, 2022: 1 THB ≃ 0.02822 USD.)


1 July 14th - Nigma Galaxy acquired Bluewave Chonburi spot. Lineup announced .[1]
1 June 27th - TEM Entertainment acquired Peacock Club Esport spot. Lineup announced .[2]
1Thailand Bruno
2Thailand NAYPHAN
3Thailand D-REX
4Thailand Cramna
5Thailand Lucifer
6Thailand REPLAY
CVietnam Elly
Gamers Samutprakarn
1Thailand PETCHNA
2Thailand MACHAL
3Thailand SUMMER
4Thailand THANWA
5Thailand DUKDUY
6Thailand BABYTIW
CThailand B-PRO
1 July 14th - Gamers Samutprakarn acquired KKKO spot. Lineup announced.[3]
JAS Academy
1Thailand MATHINA
2Thailand MALILA
3Thailand COZQ
4Thailand BAROS
5Thailand AOSGA
6Thailand BORAN
NCX Evolution
1Thailand HADES
2Thailand WASSANA
3Thailand GAROU
4Thailand PHUBET
5Thailand JAOSORN
6Thailand JAOGAM
PP Thailand
1Thailand ROMANZ
2Thailand NAMEHOT
3Thailand NONNY
4Thailand TAYNA77
5Thailand PACPAC
1Thailand xPOZY
2Thailand ERROR
3Thailand NANBU
4Thailand SVEN
5Thailand PALMHUB
6Thailand ZOMES
1Thailand SYNOX
2Thailand YELLGOD
3Thailand ANIMAL
4Thailand BEENBU
5Thailand GODBEST
6Thailand ICENAA
Mangkorn Gamer
1Thailand RAPEEPAT
2Thailand NAMX2
3Thailand NICEKY
4Thailand NOAR
5Thailand BOONJAME
CThailand ZACKKY

Group Draw[edit]

Group A Group B Group C Group D Group E
King of Gamers ClubKing of Gamers Club KOG Attack All AroundAttack All Around AAA EVOS PhoenixEVOS Phoenix EVOS Magic EsportMagic Esport MGE eArenaeArena eA
CGGGCGGG CGGG FW EsportsFW Esports FW TEM EntertainmentTEM Entertainment TEM Nigma GalaxyNigma Galaxy NGX DREAMBUDREAMBU DB
LGDSLGDS LGDS JAS AcademyJAS Academy JAS PP ThailandPP Thailand PPTH Sharper EsportSharper Esport SP ZEUSZEUS ZEUS
Delta X ADENDelta X ADEN DX Mangkorn GamerMangkorn Gamer MKG LALALOYLALALOY LA Gamers SamutprakarnGamers Samutprakarn GSPK NCX EvolutionNCX Evolution NCX


For "Ties" Click here.

  • Ties are broken by the following methods:
  • Number of Booyahs
  • Total Kills
  • Survival Ranking in Final Round

Regular Season[edit]

TeamTotalDay 1Day 2Day 3Day 4Day 5Day 6Day 7Day 8Day 9Day 10Day 11Day 12Day 13Day 14Day 15Day 16Day 17Day 18Day 19Day 20
1.EVOS PhoenixEVOS Phoenix EVOS Phoenix125- 53 720000000000000000
2.Nigma GalaxyNigma Galaxy Nigma Galaxy10740 67 -0000000000000000
3.Magic EsportMagic Esport Magic Esport10342 61 -0000000000000000
4.Attack All AroundAttack All Around Attack All Around8551 - 340000000000000000
5.TEM EntertainmentTEM Entertainment TEM Entertainment84- 44 400000000000000000
6.Sharper EsportSharper Esport Sharper Esport7944 35 -0000000000000000
7.ZEUSZEUS ZEUS78- 40 380000000000000000
8.eArenaeArena eArena76- 29 470000000000000000
9.NCX EvolutionNCX Evolution NCX Evolution75- 31 440000000000000000
10.FW EsportsFW Esports FW Esports6829 - 390000000000000000
11.CGGGCGGG CGGG6868 - -0000000000000000
12.Delta X ADENDelta X ADEN Delta X ADEN6666 - -0000000000000000
13.Mangkorn GamerMangkorn Gamer Mangkorn Gamer5745 - 120000000000000000
14.JAS AcademyJAS Academy JAS Academy5215 - 370000000000000000
15.LALALOYLALALOY LALALOY49- 24 250000000000000000
16.DREAMBUDREAMBU DREAMBU47- 18 290000000000000000
17.PP ThailandPP Thailand PP Thailand41- 22 190000000000000000
18.Gamers SamutprakarnGamers Samutprakarn Gamers Samutprakarn349 25 -0000000000000000
19.King of Gamers ClubKing of Gamers Club King of Gamers Club2525 - -0000000000000000
20.LGDSLGDS LGDS99 - -0000000000000000
Qualified for Grand Finals and secured Season 7 spots
Entered Play-ins

Additional Content[edit]