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AddicT eSport is a French organisation created in 2014. AddicT was originally a League of Legends team, AddicT currently has teams in StarCraft II, Counter Strike Global Offensive, League of Legends, Hearthstone and Rainbow Six Siege. AddicT is know for organized online toornament in France.

The HS Line Up is managed by Real since March 2016.


ID Name
France Pilou
France TedlaLegende
France Azmog Benjamin Simon
France Chatthon
France Ice
France Mystery
France manau16
France Joyker Maxime Pebret


ID Name Position
France KanLa Alexis Vigne President
France SaRouTo Tristan Siane Vice-President
France Azmog Benjamin Simon Vice-President
France Real Manager

Individual Achievements[edit]

Date Placement Player Tier Tournament Prize
2017-06-24 A55 - 8th France Chatthon A7Qualifier Summer Mansion - Last Qualifier $0
2017-02-26 A22nd France Pilou A3Tier 3 Montpellier Esport Show 2017 $2,112.18
2018-03-18 A11st France Warma A3Tier 3 Challenger Finals - S1 - Europe - Qualifier #4 $0
2017-01-28 A55th France Pilou A7Qualifier GamersOrigin Hearthstone Challenge Qualifier Open $0
2017-01-28 A915 - 22nd France Azmog A7Qualifier GamersOrigin Hearthstone Challenge Qualifier Open $0
2017-02-04 B313 - 16th France Pilou A2Tier 2 GamersOrigin Hearthstone Challenge $0
2018-04-02 B717 - 24th France Warma A3Tier 3 Gamers Assembly 2018 $0
2017-01-13 A55 - 8th France Pilou A6Weekly Friday Night Cup #190 $0
2018-02-25 B313 - 16th France Warma A3Tier 3 Arma Cup 9 $0
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