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Solo Achievements
SeatStory Cup VI (by Orange)DreamHack Summer 2017 (by Orange)Titanar Hearthstone Elite Invitational 2018 (by Orange)

Alliance is an organisation founded by Team Razer[1] and Evil Geniuses owner and CEO Alex Garfield[2] in 2013 who were revealed to be the mystery sponsors of the Swedish Dota 2 team No Tidehunter. Alliance was created with the goal of promoting and supporting Scandinavian and European eSports across the world, enabling the truly talented players of the region to shine on the international stage and initially held only Swedish players.


  • September 28th - Alliance announces their expansion into Hearthstone with the signing of Orange.[4]

Player Roster[edit]


ID Name Join Date 2016 2017 2018
Sweden Orange Jon Westberg 2016-09-28 A11st SeatStory Cup VI A22nd World Electronic Sports Games 2016 A11st Titanar Hearthstone Elite Invitational 2018


ID Name Join Date Leave Date
Sweden Ostkaka Sebastian Engwall 2016-11-23 2017-12-18
Sweden Powder Harald Gimre 2017-01-09 2017-12-18

Individual Achievements[edit]

Date Placement Player Tier Tournament Prize
2016-10-09 A22nd Sweden Orange A1Premier WESG 2016 - European & CIS Qualifiers $5,938
2017-01-15 A22nd Sweden Orange A1Premier World Electronic Sports Games 2016 $70,000
2018-05-27 A11st Sweden Orange A1Premier Titanar Hearthstone Elite Invitational 2018 $12,000
2017-07-02 A22nd Sweden Powder A2Major Summer Mansion $2,660
2017-12-17 A33 - 4th Sweden Orange A1Premier SeatStory Cup VIII $2,000
2017-06-25 A22nd Sweden Ostkaka A1Premier SeatStory Cup VII $4,000
2016-12-18 A11st Sweden Orange A1Premier SeatStory Cup VI $10,000
2017-06-19 A11st Sweden Orange A1Premier DreamHack Summer 2017 $7,500
2018-01-21 A99 - 12th Sweden Orange A1Premier 2017 Hearthstone World Championship $25,000
2017-10-15 A22nd Sweden Orange A1Premier 2017 Hearthstone Summer Championship $40,000
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