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[e][h]Fade 2 KarmaFade 2 Karma Alliestrasza
Alliestrasza at SeatStory Cup VIII
Player Information
Alexandra Macpherson
November 20, 1993 (1993-11-20) (age 28)
Total Earnings:
2016-06-02 - Present

Alexandra "Alliestrasza" Macpherson is a Hearthstone player from the United States, currently playing for Fade 2 Karma.


Alliestrasza lives in San Diego and has been a Hearthstone streamer since she graduated college in 2015, earning a degree in Advertising and Public Relations. She has always had an interest in entertaining people and loves Hearthstone because it's based on strategy and outsmarting your opponent.[1] Outside of streaming she likes to play Overwatch and PUBG with friends, do yoga and go to music festivals or concerts.[2] She is also an avid supporter of cryptocurrency, so much so that she accepts donations in various coins. [3] In 2017 she co-hosted the Value Town Podcast[4] and in 2018 she hopes to expand from streaming and also become a competitive player.

Event Appearances[edit]

Due to her success as a streamer, Allie often gets invited by Blizzard to participate in community tournaments and show matches.


  • Her favorite Hearthstone card is Alexstrasza because of its character and her card description.
  • The first deck she fell in love with was Murloc Paladin.
  • Her all time favorite deck is Reno Warlock.
  • Loves combo- and control decks.
  • Her favorite music genre is EDM.
  • Her all time favorite food is pasta, especially noodles.
  • The sub sound on her stream is a reference to Rick and Morty, one of her favorite shows.


Date Placement Tier Tournament Team Result Prize
2019-03-31 Z9L A7Showm. WSOE 5: Hearthstone - The Return of Jia Fade 2 KarmaFade 2 Karma 1 : 3 United States SongBird $500
2019-03-31 A55th A2Tier 2 WSOE 5: Hearthstone - The Return of Jia Fade 2 KarmaFade 2 Karma 2 : 3 United States Slysssa $0
2019-03-07 A55 - 8th A7Qualifier Masters Qualifiers:
Las Vegas #12
Fade 2 KarmaFade 2 Karma 1 : 2 Lithuania SirVILGAUDAS $0
2018-12-21 A55 - 8th A2Tier 2 WSOE 2: The Hearthstone Showdown Fade 2 KarmaFade 2 Karma 0 : 3 United States Slysssa $1,000
2018-07-27 B725 - 32nd A1Tier 1 SeatStory Cup IX Fade 2 KarmaFade 2 Karma 0 : 3 Netherlands ThijsNL $0
2018-04-08 A77 - 8th A2Tier 2 PAX East GEICO Hearthstone Showdown Fade 2 KarmaFade 2 Karma 0 : 3 United States yoitsflo $200
2017-12-17 B313 - 16th A1Tier 1 SeatStory Cup VIII Fade 2 KarmaFade 2 Karma 1 : 3 Netherlands Tyler $0
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