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Danan "Danan" Flander
Solo Achievements
Viagame House Cup #1 (by Kolento)DreamHack Hearthstone Championship (by Kolento)CN vs EU Season 2 (by Kolento)OGN Hearthstone Seoul Cup World Invitational (by StrifeCro)
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Cloud9 is a North American eSports organisation currently fielding teams in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, League of Legends, Smite, SSBM, Hearthstone and Dota 2. The organisation entered the Hearthstone scene on the 26th of June 2014 after acquiring the former DogeHouse roster.


Player Roster[edit]


ID Name Join Date 2014 2015 2016 2017 2018
Competitive players
Ukraine Kolento Aleksandr Malsh 2014-07-01 A11st Viagame House Cup #1DreamHack Hearthstone Championship A11st CN vs EU Season 2 A22nd CN vs EU Championship 2016 A22nd 2017 Hearthstone Spring Championship A33 - 4th SeatStory Cup IX
South Korea DDaHyoNi Sanghyeon Baek 2016-05-06 Y- Y- Y- A33 - 4th 2017 Hearthstone Global Games Y-
USA TidesofTime Andrew Biessener 2014-10-30 Y- A22nd HTC Invitational Y- Y- Y-
Sweden Forsen Sebastian Fors 2017-03-31 Y- Y- Y- A55 - 8th SeatStory Cup VII Y-


ID Name Join Date Departure New Team
USA StrifeCro Cong Shu 2014-06-26 2017-05-16 [3] Phoenix1
USA Firebat James Kostesich 2016-03-02 2017-03-16 ZZZZZ
USA MaSsan Harry Cheong 2015-06-23 2016-05-04 ZZZZZ
Poland Gnimsh Marcin Filipowicz 2014-06-26 2015-11-14 ZZZZZ
Germany Ek0p Jan Palys 2014-06-26 2016-06-31 ZZZZZ
USA Hafu Rumay Wang 2014-06-26 2015-11-02 ZZZZZ



ID Name Position
USA Danan Danan Flander Manager

Individual Achievements[edit]

Date Placement Player Tier Tournament Prize
2015-08-09 A11st Ukraine Kolento A2Major WCA 2015 - Europe Pro Qualifier $7,700
2015-05-31 A22nd USA StrifeCro A1Premier Viagame House Cup #3 $5,000
2014-10-12 A11st Ukraine Kolento A1Premier Viagame House Cup #1 $8,000
2016-05-01 A11st USA StrifeCro A1Premier OGN Hearthstone Seoul Cup World Invitational $10,000
2015-08-30 A22nd Ukraine Kolento A1Premier ONOG Summer Circuit Finals $5,000
2015-05-09 A11st Ukraine Kolento A2Major Kinguin Pro League 2015 Season 1 $10,000
2014-11-29 A11st Ukraine Kolento A1Premier DreamHack Hearthstone Championship $10,000
2015-03-22 A11st Ukraine Kolento A1Premier CN vs EU Season 2 $22,673
2016-05-29 A22nd Ukraine Kolento A1Premier CN vs EU Championship 2016 $11,200
2017-07-09 A22nd Ukraine Kolento A1Premier 2017 Hearthstone Spring Championship $40,000
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