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[e][h]Complexity Gaming
Team Information
Sören "Fantasy'" V.
Trinity Series 2017 Season 1
Solo Achievements
CN vs NA Challenge (by Dog)SeatStory Cup IV (by SuperJJ)
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Complexity Gaming, formerly stylized as compLexity Gaming abbreviated as COL, is one of the most long-standing and respected eSports teams in North America. The organization, founded in 2003 by Jason "1" Lake, has a long history of championship caliber teams in many different games. They currently field teams for League of Legends, Dota 2, Hearthstone and StarCraft II.

On September 11th 2014, Complexity announced the beginnings of their Hearthstone division with the signing of NA Ladder Legend Dog.


Player Roster[edit]


Competitive Player
ID Name Join Date 2015 2016 2017 2018
Canada TheJordude Jordan Hong Tai 2015-03-28 Y- Y- Y- Y-
Germany SuperJJ Jan Janßen 2015-04-24 A11st SeatStory_Cup/4 A44th CN vs EU Championship 2016 Y- Y-
Philippines Sylvanhunter Grace Naces 2015-09-14 Y- Y- Y- Y-
United Kingdom Sottle Simon Welch 2015-11-04 Y- Y- Y- Y-
Denmark Crane333 Simon Raunholst 2016-03-25 Y- A22nd DreamHack_2016/Valencia A99 - 12th SeatStory Cup VII C525 - 32nd SeatStory Cup IX
Germany MrYagut Tugay Evsan 2016-08-25 Y- B313 - 16th SeatStory Cup VI A33 - 4th SeatStory Cup VII C525 - 32nd SeatStory Cup IX
Netherlands Tyler Tyler Hoang Nguyen 2016-09-29 Y- Y- B313 - 16th SeatStory Cup VII A55 - 8th HCT Fall Championship 2018
Germany Casie Kevin Eberlein 2016-10-05 Y- Y- Y- A22nd SeatStory Cup IX
Netherlands Theo Matthijs Lieftink 2018-11-28 Y- Y- Y- Y-
Canada Noxious Kacem Alexandre Khilaji 2014-09-26 A22nd Challengestone/2 Y- Y- Y-
USA Ryzen Ryan Liberian Laguardian 2015-05-11 C525 - 32nd SeatStory_Cup/4 Y- Y- Y-
Malta neviilz Neville Caruana 2016-01-21 Y- Y- Y- Y-
Norway Asmodai Christoffer Stub 2016-06-02 B313 - 16th SeatStory_Cup/4 Y- Y- Y-
USA Justine Justine Wu 2018-04-05 Y- Y- Y- Y-
USA Dreads Monte Doebel-Hickok 2018-07-13 Y- Y- Y- Y-


ID Name Join Date Departure New Team
Poland Loyan Mateusz Roszkowski Retired
USA Alchemixt Dan Walton 2014-11-07 2015-04-07 Retired
Sweden SjoW Jeffrey Brusi 2014-10-17 2015-04-20 Team Liquid
USA Dog David Caero 2014-09-11 2015-10-02 Team Liquid
USA Waffster Robert Myers 2015-07-22 2016-02-10 -


ID Name Position
USA 1 Jason Lake Founder & CEO
USA Anomoly Jason Bass COO & Co-Owner
USA Beef Kyle Bautista General Manager
Germany Fantasy Sören V. Hearthstone Manager



Date Placement Player Tier Tournament Prize
2017-01-03 A11st Germany SuperJJ A2Tier 2 Zagreb Gaming Arena $4,162.4
2016-06-05 A11st Germany SuperJJ A2Tier 2 Xfinity Hearthstone Invitational II $6,000
2015-04-05 A11st Sweden SjoW A2Tier 2 Xfinity Hearthstone Invitational I $7,000
2018-07-29 A22nd Germany Casie A1Tier 1 SeatStory Cup IX $4,000
2015-11-15 A11st Germany SuperJJ A1Tier 1 SeatStory Cup IV $10,000
2018-10-14 A55 - 8th Vietnam Tyler A1Tier 1 HCT Fall Championship 2018 $12,500
2016-12-11 A22nd Germany SuperJJ A1Tier 1 Esport Superstars $5,315.73
2015-06-15 A22nd USA Dog A1Tier 1 DreamHack Summer 2015 $7,500
2015-08-02 A11st USA Dog A1Tier 1 CN vs NA Challenge $16,000
2016-06-12 A33 - 4th Poland Loyan A1Tier 1 2016 HCT - Europe Spring Championship $10,000
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Date Placement Tier Tournament Results Prize Roster
2017-03-18 A11st A1Tier 1 Trinity Series Season 1 6 - 4 $75,000
2017-12-10 A44th A1Tier 1 Trinity Series Season 2 4 - 6 $15,000
2018-07-31 A55th A1Tier 1 HCT Pro Team Standings 2018: Season 2 $6,000
2017-01-28 A55 - 8th A2Tier 2 Battle of the Best 2017 Team Edition $0
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