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November 10th 2013 Team Don't Kick My Robot is formed.

Don't Kick My Robot, or DKMR for short, is a North American Hearthstone team, composed of streamers, deck builders and testers as well as content producers. The team was officially established as one on November 21, 2013. [1]

Captained by Poach, DKMR hosts a roster that regularly finishes high in weekly Hearthstone tournaments. The line-up includes names such as NESL champion Varranis and weekly cup powerhouses Brad, Powder, Faramir, DTwo and Kisstafer and until April 2014 was also the home of quadruple King of the Hill champion Alchemixt.

Apart from competing, DKMR works with a number of community sites to produce specialized Hearthstone content. Cooperations include the Homebrew Corners at GosuGamers, the Meta Report at,Weekly Deck guides HearthstonePlayers, and the Deck of the Week for BlizzPro.

On November 1st, 2014, Team Don't Kick My Robot was acquired by and DKMR disbanded.


  • April 23rd - Alchemixt leaves to join Team Curse
  • April 27th - NickSpags leaves DKMR, goes back to Magic: The Gathering
  • May 22nd - Kisstafer joins [2]
  • July 12th - Powder joins.
  • July 17th - BorN is released.
  • August 24th - Hosty is released.
  • August 30th - Faramir joins.[3]
  • October 4th - Brad retires.[4]
  • October 18th - JRoc joins.[5]
  • October 21st - Kisstafer quits competitive Hearthstone.[6]
  • November 1st - Team Don't Kick My Robot disbands after acquiring by[7]

Player Roster[edit]


ID Name Join Date Departure New Team
USA Alchemixt Dan Walton 11th December 2013 23rd April 2014 Team Curse
USA Brad Brad Christensen 11th December 2013 4th October 2014 ZZZZZ Retirement
Canada Kisstafer Christopher Oglivie 22nd May 2014 21th October 2014 ZZZZZ Retirement
USA DTwo Daniel Ikuta 11th December 2013 1st November 2014 Team IHEARTHU
Germany Faramir Jan Engelmann 20th August 2014 1st November 2014 Team IHEARTHU
Canada JRoc Jason Faucault 18th October 2014 1st November 2014 Team IHEARTHU
USA Poach Jared 11th December 2013 1st November 2014 Team IHEARTHU
Sweden Powder Harald Gimre 12th July 2014 1st November 2014 Team IHEARTHU
USA Varranis Robert 11th December 2013 1st November 2014 Team IHEARTHU

Individual Achievements[edit]

Date Placement Player Tier Tournament Prize
2014-10-12 B313 - 16th Germany Faramir A1Premier Viagame House Cup #1 $0
2014-10-19 A99 - 12th Sweden Powder A1Premier SeatStory Cup II $0
2014-07-27 A22nd USA Brad A3Minor Prismata Cup 1 $500
2014-09-21 A33 - 4th Germany Faramir A3Minor Prismata Cup 2 $100
2014-09-20 A55 - 8th Canada Kisstafer A2Major HearthStats League Invitational $0
2014-09-28 A22nd USA Varranis A3Minor DKMR Cup $250
2014-09-05 A11st Sweden Powder A7Showm. Cooler Master: Blackout vs Powder $200
2014-10-26 A11st USA DTwo A3Minor Battle of the Best Invitational #1 2014 $1,000
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