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[e][h] Falcone
Player Information
Daniel Falcone
November 11, 1994 (1994-11-11) (age 25)
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Daniel Falcone is a Hearthstone Caster from the United Kingdom. Formally a streamer for team Fade2Karma and a content creator for Hearthhead, Falcone is now a full time caster, having casted many minor online events, as well as several majors. Most notably, the DreamHack Grand Prix and the Hearthstone Global Games finals at Gamescom. He also hosted the "Between Two Hearths" community stage during the Hearthstone 2017 World Championship.


In November 2016, Daniel graduated from the Ravensbourne University of Arts in London with a Bachelor of Arts in Digital film Production. He spent the majority of his time at university streaming Hearthstone, and Twitch was the topic of his dissertation. He has a black-belt in Tae-Kwon-Do.

Casting Hearthstone[edit]

Falcone has acted as a caster for several Hearthstone events. These events include.

  • Insomnia 55
  • Dingit Quickdraw Pro League
  • Deck Gauntlet 3
  • Deck Gauntlet 4
  • Deck Gauntlet 5
  • Deck Gauntlet 6
  • ESL UK promotions 2016
  • Multiplay UK Masters 2016
  • Twitch Arena: Hearthstone World Champions - Presented by Amazon

Tier 2 Tournaments[edit]

  • Starladder Kiev 2016 (B Stream)
  • Starladder SauPaulo 2016 (B Stream)
  • Kinguin for Charity 2016
  • Kinguin for Charity 2017
  • GameGune2016
  • ESL UK Premiereship Finals Summer 2017
  • ELC Esports Superstars Nouminster 2016
  • Gstar Hearthstone Superfight: Korea 2017
  • WESG 2017 Americas Finals
  • Hearthstone Team Championship Korea

Tier 1 Tournaments[edit]

  • Hearthstone Global Games (Group Stages)
  • Hearthstone Global Games Finals
  • Dreamhack Atlanta Hearthstone Grand Prix
  • Dreamhack Montreal Hearthstone Grand Prix
  • Hearthstone Korea Major 2017
  • Gold Club World Championship: Beijing 2017
  • SeatStory Cup VIII
  • Hearthstone 2017 World Championship (Community Stage Host)
  • HCT Bangkok 2018



Date Placement Tier Tournament Team Result Prize
2018-09-22 A77 - 8th A3Tier 3 ESL Premiership Summer 2018 2 : 3 United Kingdom BoarControl $390
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