GosuCup SEA 2016 Summer #4

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[e][h]GosuCup SEA 2016 Summer #4
League Information
GosuCup SEA
Americas Americas
Single Elimination
Prize pool:
$500 USD
Number of Players:
Liquipedia Tier:
Vietnam Chani
Philippines adiK
Singapore Aven


GosuCup SEA 2016 Summer #4 is the fourth tournament of the GosuCup HCT SEA 2016 Summer Stages. GosuCup HCT SEA 2016 is designed in cooperation with Blizzard Entertainment SEA to support the SEA and APAC scenes at their grassroots . Each week, the open GosuCup tournaments will award $500 and 7 HCT points to its top finishers. The tournament is only open to players from these countries: Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Philippines, Indonesia, Vietnam, India, South Korea, Taiwan, Australia, New Zealand, Hong Kong, Macau and Japan. Only players from Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Philippines, Indonesia, Vietnam and India are eligible for the prize pool of $500. All countries are eligible for HCT points.


  • The tournament will be played in an expanded "Conquest" format.
  • Each player can bring up to 1 deck per class (you cannot bring a Zoolock AND Handlock, you have to choose one).
  • Players are allowed to request screenshots from their opponent as proof of the above rule. In that case, BOTH players have to provide screenshots of their line-ups and this is done AFTER THE DRAFTING PHASE.
  • If a player has more than 1 deck per class prepared, his/her opponent can request that the extra decks are removed. In that case, both players are allowed to re-build their decks and then THE DRAFT IS REDONE.
  • Each player selects 3 classes for each series. The picking process goes like this: Player on the LEFT of the match page selects 1 class, player on the RIGHT then selects 2 CLASSES, Player on the LEFT selects 2 CLASSES, Player on the RIGHT selects 1 CLASS.
  • Single elimination bracket.
  • Best of 1 game for the first round.
  • Best of 3 games for the the second round until quarter finals.
  • Best of 5 games for quarter, semi and grand finals.

Complete Rules: link


HCT Points[edit]

GosuCup HCT SEA 2016 series follows the point distribution by Blizzard for Hearthstone Cups[1].

Prize Pool[edit]

500 USD and 7 HCT points are spread among the players as seen below:


Complete Bracket: link