HCT 2018/19 - Season 2 - Americas

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[e][h]HCT 2018/19 - Season 2 - Americas
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Hearthstone Championship Tour HCT
Americas Americas
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2018 HCT - Americas Fall Playoffs is the second season of 2018 HCT series tournaments for Americas region.



  • Mothership Books and Games Austin, USA United States
  • LocalHost S.A. Buenos Aires, Argentina Argentina
  • Cooldown E-Sports n’ Burgers Curitiba, Brazil Brazil
  • The Cave Fairfax, USA United States
  • Jirón Gral José Ramón Pizarro 619 Lima, Peru Peru
  • Esports Arena Santa Ana, USA United States
  • Zanzone eSport Club Thornhill, Canada Canada

Broadcast Talent[edit]


  • General:
  • Swiss: Swiss Rounds
    • Top 8 advance to Group Stage.
  • Group Stage: Double Elimination

Prize Pool[edit]

USD are spread among the players as seen below:


Top 66 of Ladder
85pts USA muzzy
67pts USA justsaiyan
65pts USA Zalae
62pts Argentina PNC
58pts USA Amnesiac
54pts Canada Cydonia
52pts Argentina Nalguidan
50pts Canada seohyun628
48pts Brazil Rase
47pts USA Zamos
47pts USA Alan870806 45pts Canada Monsanto
43pts USA Zaguios 43pts USA killinallday
43pts USA ETC
42pts USA Tarei
42pts Canada Fibonacci 39pts USA zlsjs
39pts Canada Apxvoid
38pts USA Kuonet
36pts USA Pal 36pts USA yoitsflo 36pts USA caravaggio8
35pts USA SwaggyG
35pts USA dog
34pts USA TheMaverick 34pts Australia H4RAMBE 34pts USA noblord
34pts USA Ownerism 33pts USA StrifeCro
33pts Peru UchihaSaske 31pts Canada TheJordude
31pts USA ironFIRE 31pts USA Gallon
30pts USA Qwerty97
30pts Brazil Fled
30pts USA jakaso27
30pts USA Lii 29pts USA Nostam 29pts Colombia Akatsu
28pts USA Klei 28pts South Korea Malza
28pts USA Jonahrah
28pts Argentina Tincho
28pts USA Rosty
28pts USA Villain 28pts Canada Control
28pts USA bloodyface
28pts Brazil wiz 28pts USA cowboys367 27pts USA Firebat
27pts USA seiger
27pts USA SnipedAgain
27pts USA Justine
27pts USA Starfruit 27pts USA Ant
27pts Canada bobbyex 27pts USA HotMEOWTH
27pts Canada Aviera 27pts Canada languagehacker
27pts Argentina Joaquin 27pts USA Ike
27pts USA Cheese 27pts Argentina Gladen
27pts Canada Kevor24
27pts USA Fr0zen
27pts USA Ryder
27pts USA Activelee
27pts USA PrinceFancy 27pts USA Conrad 27pts USA Korextron
27pts Canada Purple
Top 8 of Challenger Finals
Brazil HSKeDaiBiao Canada BlasèBlasè Canada HockeyBoyz3 Canada Pelletire
USA Cesky USA InquisitorM USA Lyme USA pogoman


Swiss Group Stage[edit]

Group Stage[edit]

Group A[edit]

Group A
1. USA justsaiyan 2-0
2. Canada languagehacker 2-1
3. Canada Purple 1-2
4. Canada seohyun628 0-2

Group B[edit]

Group B
1. USA bloodyface 2-0
2. Argentina Tincho 2-1
3. Canada Pelletire 1-2
4. USA ETC 0-2

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