HCT 2018/19 - Season 3 - Asia Pacific

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[e][h]HCT 2018/19 - Season 3 - Asia Pacific
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Hearthstone Championship Tour HCT
Asia Pacific
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2018 HCT - Asia Pacific Winter Playoffs is the third season of 2018 HCT series tournaments for Asia Pacific region.



  • INI3 Digital PLC Bangkok, Thailand Thailand
  • Zen Gaming Lounge Melbourne, Australia Australia
  • Tokyo School of Anime Tokyo, Japan Japan
  • WDG PC Bang Seoul, South Korea South Korea
  • WangYu Cyber Café Sydney, Australia Australia
  • Blizzard Arena Taipei Taipei, Taiwan Taiwan

Broadcast Talent[edit]

  • Commentator:
    • TBD


  • General:
  • Swiss: Swiss Rounds
    • Top 8 advance to Group Stage.
  • Group Stage: Double Elimination

Prize Pool[edit]

USD are spread among the players as seen below:


Top 72 of Ladder
72pts Vietnam Tyler
68pts Taiwan 承泰不要 54pts Definition 51pts South Korea Hi3
49pts South Korea Taesang 49pts South Korea Ryvius
48pts Hong Kong blitzchung
46pts South Korea Gyong
46pts Taiwan tom60229
45pts Japan Machamp 45pts South Korea Sooni
45pts South Korea Kribo
45pts Australia FroStee 45pts South Korea strikeright 45pts South Korea 내게로와 43pts Australia Akumaker
43pts Taiwan Kowsai 42pts Taiwan 撒旦降臨 42pts Japan あれっくす 42pts Japan posesi
42pts South Korea Portia 42pts Taiwan Roger
42pts Taiwan Shaxy
40pts Taiwan pianolkiller
39pts Taiwan Jay 39pts Japan Tansoku 39pts South Korea kevin 39pts Hong Kong Fungggg
39pts ulza8102 39pts matsup 39pts South Korea 물리왕 39pts Japan glory
38pts DacMalza 38pts Japan Tredsred
38pts DacCarp 37pts Taiwan MCweifu
37pts Taiwan 山下智久 37pts Singapore katsucurry
37pts Japan Pan 36pts Singapore Sequinox
36pts South Korea MaRu 36pts Australia Hearthstoner 36pts Taiwan maxchen 36pts Japan MegaGliscor
36pts Philippines Enrico 36pts Singapore lambyseries
36pts Australia Ender 36pts Japan okasinnsuke
36pts Japan aqua 36pts South Korea Surrender
36pts Yisoo 36pts Japan NAGON
36pts Hong Kong LastHopelolz 36pts 西陵珩 36pts Japan serra 36pts South Korea KiRu
36pts Australia CitizenNappa
36pts Taiwan SamuelTsao
36pts New Zealand TypoVampire 36pts 執念の蒼汁
36pts Japan Duelist 36pts South Korea 코둘기 36pts Japan Ruby 36pts South Korea honbee
36pts Taiwan TIZS 36pts FuF 36pts South Korea cocosasa 36pts にん
36pts Japan マイマイ 36pts South Korea Steelo
36pts Japan horo 36pts South Korea 뚜치뚜치
Top 8 of Challenger Finals
Japan 李ゃう Japan Alza Japan Garubor Japan yusa
South Korea 발레스트라 Singapore SilverByz
Taiwan curry Taiwan hcm


Swiss Group Stage[edit]

Group Stage[edit]

Group A[edit]

Group A
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2. -
3. -
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Group B[edit]

Group B
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2. -
3. -
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