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[e][h] Impact
Player Information
Josh Graham
Total Earnings:
2014-07-27 — 2014-11-15
2014-12-02 — 2015-02-01
2015-06-12 — 2015-10-03
2015-10-03 — 2016-02-08
2018-06-06 - Present

Josh "Impact" Graham is a Hearthstone player from Canada, currently playing for Sentinels.


Impact is from Toronto, Ontario but spends most of his time travelling abroad with his family. Impact was previously a pro Yu-Gi-Oh player with top finishes and a major championship win. Impact was known to make decks with a lot of the top innovative strategies and he carried that deck building experience over to Hearthstone. Impact is credited with innovated such deck archetypes as Echoing Ooze Zoo, Violet Teacher Miracle Rogue, refined and perfected the double Doomhammer Shaman deck and Chillwind Yeti Hunter.

Impact is also know for some casting: casting the Heroes of Cards 2 tournament with Kripparrian as well as the HearthStats League Invitational alongside Frodan.

In Beta[edit]

Impact first started entering online weekly tournaments and innovating new deck types, based on his opponents. He reached Legend and finished High legend in the early seasons.

Post Release[edit]

Impact was a 3-time NESL King of the Hill champion, defeating Reynad, Chakki, Xixo and his own teammate DTwo. He has also won The Sunshine Open, the largest open bracket tournament to date with over 1200 players and 12 rounds of single elimination, several weekly cups on ESL and Zotac and has had top finishes on the ladder in many of the first years of seasons. In addition to respectable tournament credentials, Impact is also a common sight in the top finishers on the NA ladder. Here are his top finishes: Top 10 finish August 2015, Top 10 finish September 2015, Top 25 finish July 2015, Top 50 finish January 2016, Top 100 finish March 2016, Top 100 finish October 2014.



Date Placement Tier Tournament Team Result Prize
2018-10-29 A33 - 4th A2Major Tour Stop Season 3 2018 - HCT Orange County 2 : 3 Germany Casie $1,500
2018-09-09 A33 - 4th A2Major Tour Stop Season 3 2018 - HCT Montreal 2 : 3 Greece Fenomeno $1,500
2018-07-29 A55 - 8th A1Premier SeatStory Cup IX 1 : 4 Germany Casie $500
2018-07-15 A22nd A2Major Tour Stop Season 2 2018 - HCT Oakland 1 : 3 USA Tarei $3,000
2017-09-09 A99 - 16th A1Premier DreamHack Montreal 2017 1 : 3 Canada Walaoumpa $675
2017-07-22 A99 - 16th A1Premier DreamHack Atlanta 2017 1 : 3 USA richwebz $675
2016-10-23 A22nd A1Premier World Electronic Sports Games 2016 - Americas Qualifiers 2 : 4 Argentina PNC $5,938
2016-09-04 A22nd A3Minor Northern Arena Toronto 2016 Canada Muckacho $2,000
2015-04-26 A55 - 8th A2Major DreamHack Bucharest 2015: PGL Spring Tavern Tales 0 : 3 Poland Lothar $500
2014-08-24 A11st A3Minor The Sunshine Open 4 : 1 USA Kibler $1,000
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