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Wu "Edison" Jun
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i-league Season 4 (by Sword)
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Invictus Gaming, often shortened to iG, is a Chinese eSport organisation with headquarters in Shanghai, China. Invictus was founded in August 2011, when Wang SiCong, a Chinese national, son of the Dalian Wanda Group chairman Wang Jianlin (ranked as the third richest person in China according to Forbes[1]) purchased the entirety of the Catastrophic Cruel Memory team, including the team's StarCraft II, Dota 2 and League of Legends squads for a reputed sum of $6 Million.[2]

The organisation has its own team house in Shanghai. In May 1st 2014, Invictus Gaming formed a Hearthstone team with Comm and others.


  • In November, Ding and Sol join.[3] The deal was formally announced at the end of the year.

Player Roster[edit]

Best Yearly Results[edit]

ID Name Join Date 2014 2015 2016
China Comm Shen Hui (沈辉) () 2014-05-01 A99 - 16th World Cyber Arena 2014 A22nd CN vs NA Challenge Y-
China Ding Zhang Ding (张鼎) 2015-12-23 Y- Y- Y-
China Sol Yin Fang (尹昉) 2015-12-23 Y- Y- Y-
China Sword Li Heyang (李和阳) 2014-05-01 Y- A11st I-league/Season 4 C525 - 32nd Gold Series 2015/Grand Finals
China XiaoYao Xia Kunbin (夏琨斌) 2014-05-01 Y- Y- Y-
China KowFox Dong Can (董璨) 2014-05-01 A55 - 8th World Cyber Arena 2014 Y- Y-
China XingSu Liu Xing (刘行) 2014-05-01 Y- B717 - 24th Gold Series 2014/Grand Finals A55 - 8th Gold Series 2016/Spring
China QiuTu Zhang Xiao (张潇) 2014-05-01 Y- Y- C525 - 32nd Gold Series 2015/Grand Finals




ID Name Position
China Principal Wang Wang Sicong (王思聪) Team Owner
China Edison Wu Jun (吴军) Coach/Manager


Individual Achievements[edit]

Date Placement Player Tier Tournament Prize
2017-01-25 A33rd China Sword A1Premier Titanar Hearthstone Elite Invitational 2017 $3,000
2015-12-10 A55 - 6th China Sword A7Qualifier SL i-League StarSeries - i-League Qualifier $0
2016-02-21 A99 - 16th China XingSu A7Showm. MarsTV Hearthstone League 2016 - All Star Invitational $0
2016-02-21 A99 - 16th China Comm A7Showm. MarsTV Hearthstone League 2016 - All Star Invitational $0
2015-12-03 A11st China Sword A1Premier i-league Season 4 $39,000
2016-01-15 B725 - 32nd China Sword A1Premier Gold Series 2015 - Grand Finals $0
2016-01-12 B725 - 32nd China QiuTu A1Premier Gold Series 2015 - Grand Finals $0
2016-01-09 B717 - 24th China XingSu A1Premier Gold Series 2015 - Grand Finals $0
2015-08-02 A22nd China Comm A1Premier CN vs NA Challenge $3,200
2016-05-28 A55 - 8th China XingSu A1Premier CN vs EU Championship 2016 $1,120
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