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Jaina Proudmoore

[e][h]Jaina Proudmoore
Hero Information

Jaina Proudmoore is the Mage hero in Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft. She's a standard playable hero with 30 hit points and no attack value, and was one of the initial heroes in the closed beta phase of the game. Jaina is also playable during the missions, where she starts with 27 hitpoints instead of the standard 30, and only gets her Hero Power after the first two matches.


Jaina Proudmoore, daughter of Daelin Proudmoore, was the founder and ruler of Theramor Isle up until its destruction. She then took leadership of the Kirin Tor after the death of Rhonin, another famous Mage.

By many considered the most powerful human sorceress on Azeroth, and one of the most talented and trusted of the Kirin Tor, she was dispatched to Lordaeron along with Prince Arthas Menethil. After seeing the fall of Lordaeron, she swore to defeat the Burning Legion, and would join forces with the night elves and the orcish Horde to defeat Archimonde and banish the Legion.

Hero Powers[edit]

Deal 1 damage.




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