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Jia Dee
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2019-05-18 - Present

Jia Aquino "Jia" Dee is a Hearthstone player and eSports Broadcast from the Philippines, currently a Free Agent.


Jia is a college student studying Molecular Biology and is currently residing in Quezon City, Philippines. She describes herself as a stereotypical nerd who grew up playing video games all day. She was never good at sports or high APM games, but she likes competition – that made Hearthstone the perfect fit. She is accustomed to speak about things related to science because of school, so talking about deck choices and lines of play instead was a welcome challenge for her. She is hoping to go into a career in research, but she says she will keep playing Hearthstone as long as she can. Jia is currently in her final year of college.


Jia made her casting debut at local Fireside Gathering tournaments held at the GuildHouse cafe in the Philippines. The exposure there got her an invite to cast the Championship Leg of MPGL Season 8 . She was later invited to cast the Malaysia Major in 2016, making that her first big break outside of her local scene. Jia has gone on to cast multiple international tournaments, such as:


  • Favorite class: Warlock – first Golden class & first class used to hit Legend with.
  • Preferred deck type: Midrange & Combo
  • Favorite card: none, but most hated card is Yogg-Saron.


Date Placement Tier Tournament Team Result Prize
2019-10-20 B7249th A1Tier 1 Masters Tour 2019 Bucharest 1 - 3 Grp. S. $500
2019-08-25 A11 - 4th A7Qualifier Masters Qualifiers:
Bucharest - NA Ladder Qualifier August
2 : 1 Netherlands Theo $0
2019-06-16 B779th A1Tier 1 Masters Tour 2019 Las Vegas 7 - 5 Grp. S. $1,000
2019-04-13 A11 - 4th A7Qualifier Masters Qualifiers:
Las Vegas - AM Ladder Qualifier
2 : 0 Canada Impact $0
2019-03-31 A11st A2Tier 2 WSOE 5: Hearthstone - The Return of Jia 3 : 2 New Zealand Pathra $15,000
2018-12-21 A11st A2Tier 2 WSOE 2: The Hearthstone Showdown 3 : 2 USA SongBird $17,000
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Date Placement Tier Tournament Results Prize Partner List
2019-12-01 A99 - 12th A1Tier 1 2019 Hearthstone Global Games 2 : 3 $500
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Top 200 NA ladder, November 2016[1]



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