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Game Information
Release Dates:
November 12, 2015

League of Explorers is the third Hearthstone Adventure. It consists of four wings where players battle against new opponents and bosses. The first wing, Temple of Orsis, was released on November 12, 2015 and the last wing was available from December 10, 2015 onwards. [1] [2]

Solo Adventure[edit]

League of Explorers Hearthstone Adventure consists of four different wings where players are accompanied by the members of the League. Completing each wing also opens two or three Class Challenges where players battle the enemies of the wing with special pre-made decks.

League of Explorers introduces a new kind of single player challenge, an Escape. Instead of battling against an opponent just as in regular Hearthstone match players have to survive a set number of turns to win the challenge.


Temple of Orsis[edit]

In the Temple of Orsis player is introduced to Reno Jackson, a careless adventurer.

Opponent Rewards
Zinaar Djinni of Zephyrs and Jeweled Scarab
Sun Raider Phaerix Anubisath Sentinel and Summoning Stone
Temple Escape Rumbling Elemental and Sacred Trial

When player has beaten all the challenges of Temple of Orsis he or she is rewarded with two copies of Ancient Shade and a legendary card Reno Jackson.


In the second wing players have a dwarf archaeologist Brann Bronzebeard to guide them through Uldaman.

Opponent Rewards
Chieftain Scarvash Tunnel Trogg and Ethereal Conjurer
Mine Cart Tomb Spider and Unearthed Raptor
Archaedas Fierce Monkey and Reliquary Seeker

Defeating all bosses of Uldaman earns player two copies of Excavated Evil and a legendary card Brann Bronzebeard.

The Ruined City[edit]

In The Ruined City players join the gentleman Murloc Sir Finley Mrrgglton on an expedition to habitat of Nagas and Murlocs.

Opponent Rewards
Lord Slitherspear Huge Toad and Gorillabot A-3
Giantfin Anyfin Can Happen and Murloc Tinyfin
Lady Nazj'ar Pit Snake and Naga Sea Witch

The rewards for defeating the challenges of The Ruined City are two copies of Jungle Moonkin and a legendary card Sir Finley Mrrgglton.

The Hall of Explorers[edit]

In the final wing of League of Explorers players return to The Hall of Explorers to unite the pieces of the Staff of Origination with Elise Starseeker.

Opponent Rewards
Skelesaurus Hex Fossilized Devilsaur and Raven Idol
The Steel Sentinel Cursed Blade and Museum Curator
Arch-Thief Rafaam Curse of Rafaam and Wobbling Runts
Rafaam Unleashed Desert Camel and Eerie Statue

Defeating the challenges at The Hall of Explorers awards players with two legendary cards: Elise Starseeker and Arch-Thief Rafaam.

Class Challenges[edit]

Similarly to earlier Hearthstone Adventures League of Explorers contains nine class challenges where players take on familiar opponents with new pre-set decks. After beating a class challenge awards players are

Class Opponent Reward
Warrior Zinaar Obsidian Destroyer
Warlock Sun Raider Phaerix Dark Peddler
Druid Chieftain Scarvash Mounted Raptor
Paladin Archeadas Keeper of Uldaman
Hunter Lord Slitherspear Dart Trap
Shaman Giantfin Everyfin is Awesome
Priest Lady Nazj'ar Entomb
Rogue Skelesaurus Hex Tomb Pillager
Mage The Steel Sentinel Animated Armor

New Content[edit]


In total there is 43 new cards, five of which are legendary.


League of Explorers adds a new Keyword, Discover, into the game. Triggering the Discover causes player to be presented three random cards to choose from to his or her hand.


League of Explorers added two new interactive game boards to the board pool.

The game board 'Excavation'
The game board 'Hall of Explorers'


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