Legendary Series Season 2

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ESL America announce that Season 2 of the Legendary Series is just around the corner, with a new and improved format rewarding competitors and viewers alike.


All matches from open Challenger Cup to the Season Finals will be played with the Best of Five "Conquest" format.

Challenger Cup[edit]

  • Double Elimination
    • Top 6 advance to Legendary Series.

Legendary Series[edit]

  • Group Stage: Duel Tournament
    • 2 groups for the 6 finalists form Challenger Cup and 2 invited players.
    • 1st place advances to Semifinal of Playoffs.
    • 2nd and 3rd place advances to Quarterfinals of Playoffs.
  • Playoffs: Single Elimination
    • The winner will invited to the Season 2 LAN Finals and travel support.

Redemption Tournament[edit]

  • Broadcasted 1 invite tournament held mid-May for former players in the Legendary series who did not win to be given a chance to qualify for one of four spots in the LAN Finals.

Last Chance Open[edit]

  • Open tournament held mid-May after the redemption tournament providing anyone with the chance to qualify for one of the last 8 LAN finals spots.

Season 2 LAN Finals[edit]

  • Broadcasted LAN finals with a $25,000 prize pool and the very best players from the season.

Prize Pool and HWC Points[edit]

Over 35,000 USD in prizing across the season spread among the players in the events as seen below:

Season Finals
Place Prize Points
A11st $10,000 +100
A22nd $5,000 +50
A33 - 4th $2,200 +20
A55 - 8th $1,000 +10
A99 - 16th $200 -
Total $25,000 +230
Legendary Series
Place Prize Points
A11st $1,500+200 -
A22nd $200 -
A33 - 4th $200 -
A55 - 8th $200 -
Total $3,100*4 -
Challenger Cup
Place Prize Points
A11st - +10
A22nd - +5
A33 - 4th - +1
Total - +17

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