Legendary Series Season 2 - Legendary Series

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  • Group Stage: Duel Tournament, "Conquest" format
    • 2 groups for the 6 finalists form Challenger Cup and 2 invited players.
    • Top 2 of each group advance to Playoffs.
  • Playoffs: Single Elimination
    • The winner will be invited to the Season 2 LAN Finals and travel support.


# Date
#1 2015-03-29 Germany Lifecoach India gcttirth USA Azuzu Japan koroneko
#2 2015-04-12 Ukraine Kolento Taiwan Roger USA Trump USA Lemurian
#3 2015-04-26 Argentina Kabi Finland Savjz USA Chakki Portugal Ignite
#4 2015-05-10 USA Reynad Hong Kong Amaz USA Domdus USA TooWet