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M8 Gaming was formed to cultivate the Hearthstone scene in Malaysia with two key aims: 1) to develop and unify the best competitive Hearthstone gamers in Malaysia for the local and international competitions. 2) to inspire and encourage new players in local communities to play Hearthstone.


  • February 20 - ChongGEr parts ways with the team.
  • December 18 – M8 Gaming is created with 8 core team members.
  • Core team members:

Clement "Bl33d" Hui – Founder Afiq "Mugen" Izhar - Community Manager. Florence "Rinaewen" Wan - Community Manager. JC "Dreamy3k" Wong - Web Developer. Adam "Devilzish" Wong - Events Manager. Alex "Esqoom" Wong - Events Manager. Gary "lalasong" Hee Wong - Pro Team Manager. Jenson "RevengeCCS" Chan - Pro Team Manager.

  • December 18 – M8 Gaming acquires Lawliet, eyeskimo, fizdarth, ReVengeCCS, ChongGEr, porkmypig. ExonaToR, lalasong for their tier one team – Team Ragnaros.
  • December 18 – M8 Gaming acquires JcS2Yy, Abebil, Yashikaru, MYRIN, nswayne, and Gilgamesh for their tier two team – Team Nefarian.

Player Roster[edit]


Tier 1 Team - Ragnaros
ID Name Join Date
Malaysia Lawliet Chee Loong 2015-12-08
Malaysia eyeskimo Dominic Chong 2015-12-08
Malaysia fizdarth Gary Gan 2015-12-08
Malaysia ReVengeCCS Jenson Chan 2015-12-08
Malaysia porkmypig Meng Han 2015-12-08
Malaysia ExonaToR William Low 2015-12-08
Malaysia lalasong Zi Song 2015-12-08
Tier 2 Team – Nefarian
Malaysia JcS2Yy Jingchong JCc 2015-12-08
Malaysia Abebil Joshua Low 2015-12-08
Malaysia Yashikaru Low Cheng Keat 2015-12-08
Malaysia MYRIN Ong Ywai 2015-12-08
Malaysia nswayne Wayne Nah Swee 2015-12-08
Malaysia Gilgamesh Wesley Phun 2015-12-08


ID Name Join Date Departure
Malaysia ChongGEr Justing Chong 2015-12-08 2017-02-20


ID Name Position
Malaysia Bl33d Clement Hui Founder
Malaysia Mugen Afiq Izhar Community Manager
Malaysia Rinaewen Florence Wan Community Manager
Malaysia Dreamy3k JC Wong Web Developer
Malaysia Devilzish Adam Wong Events Manager
Malaysia Esqoom Alex Wong Events Manager
Malaysia lalasong Gary Hee Wong Pro Team Manager
Malaysia ReVengeCCS Jenson Chan Pro Team Manager

Individual Achievements[edit]

Date Placement Player Tier Tournament Prize
2016-10-13 A55 - 6th Malaysia Gilgamesh A1Tier 1 WESG 2016 - Asia-Pacific Qualifier $1,173
2018-06-24 A55 - 8th Malaysia lalasong A7Qualifier Tour Stop Season 2 2018 - HCT Tokyo - Global Qualifier #1 $500
2016-09-11 A33rd Malaysia ChongGEr A2Tier 2 SEA Majors 2016 - Thailand $500
2017-07-30 A99 - 16th Malaysia Lalasong A2Tier 2 SEA Majors 2017 - Thailand $0
2016-04-10 A44th Malaysia ChongGEr A2Tier 2 SEA Majors 2016 - Singapore $500
2016-12-11 A22nd Malaysia ChongGEr A2Tier 2 SEA Majors 2016 - Malaysia $1,000
2017-01-06 A11st USA Gilgamesh A6Weekly High Koalaty Gaming Super Smash Friday #23 $0
2016-06-11 A11st Malaysia ExonaToR A6Weekly GosuCup SEA 2016 Summer #3 $300
2017-06-18 A55 - 8th Malaysia ExonaToR A6Weekly Good Gaming Americas Open #21 $0
2016-02-21 A33 - 4th Malaysia ChongGEr A2Tier 2 2016 HCT - Asia-Pacific Winter Southeast Asia Preliminary $250
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