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Player Information
Harry Cheong
July 4, 1990 (1990-07-04) (age 28)
Total Earnings:
2014-05-21 - 2015-05-02
2015-06-23 - 2016-05-04

Harry "MaSsan" Cheong is a professional hearthstone player and streamer from South Korea, currently teamless. He was a member of Team SoloMid from the period of 2014-2015, but announced he was leaving on 1st May 2015 due to upcoming changes in Team SoloMid, which are currently unannounced, which he disagreed with. It was announced on 23 June 2015 that Cloud 9 had signed MaSsan, becoming the seventh player on their roster.[1]


Harry 'MaSsan' Cheong began streaming StarCraft II on Twitch before the release of Hearthstone; he professionally played and was a member of Quantic Gaming. MaSsan never planned to make the switch from StarCraft to Hearthstone, in fact he only planned to use it as time-filler in a break from StarCraft. This break was due to his monitor breaking and thus he had to use his television to play StarCraft, resulting in delay which was too significant for him to continue playing. MaSsan had obtained a beta key from a friend and this presented him the opportunity to play Hearthstone until his new monitor arrived.

Following his transition to Hearthstone, MaSsan was a founding member of IvD's Hearthstone team. Discussing how he joined the team, MaSsan comments that he "joined ivD gaming when I was still playing StarCraft. Apocalypse, a WCS Premier League player at the time being and their first title player, was in Quantic Gaming with me before his departure: he introduced me to the team.".[2]

On the 21st May 2014, Team SoloMid announced that they had picked up MaSsan as their first hearthstone player.[3] During his time at Team SoloMid, MaSsan participated in various tournaments such as The Pinnacle 3, Kinguin for Charity Winter 2015 and Lord of the Arena 2, in which he came first, fourth and first respectively. He has participated in many other tournaments, as detailed below. MaSsan announced on his stream, on the 1 May 2015, that he had left Team SoloMid due to upcoming changes in the team that he disagreed with, though stressed they mutually agreed to the decision and both parties remain friendly towards each other. It was announced on 23 June 2015 that Cloud 9 had signed "beautiful MaSsan" to their team.[4]

MaSsan has commented on his play style, stating that he prefers control decks, using his life as a resource. He, however, critiques his playing style by stating that often he "relies too heavily on card advantage since there are many other factors in the game other than that".[5] MaSsan has stated that his favourite card is Edwin VanCleef, stating that the card "synergizes with other card so well and he can be effectively used at any stage of the game, even on turn two. I like reactive cards that have multiple purposes and Edwin VanCleef is the definition of that in my opinion".[6]

When it comes to the Arena, MaSsan claims to have an exceptional record, previously stating that he has "10.5 wins per 3 arena losses with rogue over past 200 games".[7] MaSsan also exclaims to have 'written the book' when it comes to playing Rogue in arena. He has created various detailed booklets on the topic, entitled 'Massan's Guide to Midrange Arena' and 'Massan's Midrange Arena: Rogue', in which he analyses issues such as mana curve, card picks and play style. MaSsan is also the one of the higher ranking Arena players in traditional tournaments; finishing as runner up in Lord of the Arena 1 and winning Lord of the Arena 2.


Date Placement Tier Tournament Team Result Prize
2015-10-25 B717 - 24th A2Major Hs-arena grand opening invitational 2 : 3 Germany MrYagut $0
2015-02-28 A55 - 7th A3Minor Lord of the Arena 3 1/0/2 Grp. S. $200
2015-02-26 A11st A2Major The Pinnacle 3 4 : 1 USA Dog $2,500
2015-01-31 A33 - 4th A2Major Kinguin For Charity - Winter Edition 2015 0 : 3 Ukraine Kolento $500
2014-10-29 A11st A3Minor Heroes of Cards 2014 - Cup #2 4 : 1 Ukraine Kolento $1,500
2014-09-30 A99 - 16th A1Premier CN vs KR Masters Season 2 1 : 3 China TiddlerCelestial $1,000
2014-09-14 A11st A3Minor Lord of the Arena 2 1 : 0 USA TidesofTime $2,000
2014-08-27 A22nd A3Minor Heroes of Cards 2014 - Cup #1 2 : 4 Romania Rdu $500
2014-07-18 A55 - 8th A2Major IEM Season IX Shenzhen 0 : 3 Hong Kong Amaz $500
2014-05-25 A22nd A3Minor Lord of the Arena 1 0 : 1 USA Reynad $1,000
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