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Minions are creatures summoned to fight for their hero and assist them in the heat of battle. Minions are the main element towards Board Control. Many minions come with a high varierty of abilities such as Taunt, Deathrattle or Battlecry.


Minions are summoned by playing minion cards such as Chillwind Yeti, as an effect of other cards such as Onyxia or with Hero Powers of Paladin and Shaman. There is a limit of maximum of seven simultaneous minions per side. Number of same minions is not limited except for being every being allowed to have only two copies of each card and only one of each Legendary card.

Minions have Mana-cost that is denoted by the number in the blue hexagon on the top-left corner of the card. Attack value of a minion is shown in a yellow circle on the bottom-left corner of the card. Minion's Health is shown in a red circle on the bottom-right corner of the card. Damaged minions have their health shown with red numbers whereas undamaged minions have white numbers showing their health. Minion that has received a buff such as Mark of the Wild has its Attack and Health shown on green numbers, until it receives damage and the Health number turns to red.


Minions can belong to a subtype, which is indicated by a text in the bottom of the card. Subtypes are very significant as there are many subtype spesific effects on cards across the game, some decks such as Hunter Unleash the Hounds-combo deck and Murloc decks are even built around these subtype spesific effects. Additionally cards of same subtype often have synergy that exceeds the value of individual cards.

The subtypes available are Pirate, Murloc, Beast and Dragon. At the moment there are no cards in the game that would affect the Dragon subtype.


Effects are the texts of minion cards. These may include Abilities and other effects. Some of the effects are conditional and will only take place once, for example when the minion is killed. Certain effects are in play for as long as the minion is on the board and is not Silenced.


Minions can have different abilites. Currently there are seven different abilites in the game which are: Stealth, Battlecry, Taunt, Deathrattle, Charge, Divine Shield and Windfury. It is possible for a minion to have no abilites such as Chillwind Yeti, one ability like Loot Hoarder has or multiple abilites like in the case of Argent Commander.

Some minions have abilities innately, whereas others only have them if certain conditions are met or they are given ability via playing another card. Abilites are lost when minion is Hexed, Polymorphed or Silenced.

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