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Lan Tran
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Neilyo is a Hearthstone player from Hanoi, Vietnam.


Lan "Neilyo" Tran is a professional Hearthstone player from Hanoi,Vietnam. Besides from being a pro player he also works as a tutor for elementary school students. He also plays FIFA, Pokemon, and Overwatch.

Post Release[edit]

Neilyo started playing Hearthstone while he was living in the U.S. back in April 2014. He saw his friend playing the game while he was visiting his friend's house. He installed the game on his iPad to play before sleeping and from then on he couldn't stop winning.[1] He hit legend just after 25 days of learning the game. He reached rank 1 by using Zoolock because he didn't have much cards. After that he disenchanted a lot of cards that he didn’t use to craft Miracle Rogue and he then hit legend immediately.[2]


Road to Blizzcon[edit]

Neilyo made his breakthrough in 2015. He accumulated enough HWC points to get the number two seed in the 2015 SEA Top 40 Qualifier. He won all his games and made it to the winner's bracket in the LAN finals at the Meralco Theater in the Philippines. Neilyo won the 2015 HWC SEA LAN finals without dropping to the loser's bracket. He then moved on the the 2105 HWC APAC Qualifiers where he went 2-0 in the group stage. He lost in the semi-finals to Kno but his group stage his record in the group stage already secured him a spot at the 2015 Hearthstone World Championship as one of the four representatives of the APAC region. He lost with a record of 2-1 in the group stage of the 2015 Hearthstone World Championship ending up with a 9th-12th finish.

World Cyber Arena 2015[edit]

Just before the 2015 Hearthstone World Championship Neilyo was invited to the WCA 2015 - Asia Pro Qualifier where he defeated Kranich in the semifinals and then ChongGEr in the finals. On the main event of the the World Cyber Arena 2015 he placed 3rd in his group and moved into the playoffs. Neilyo defeated fellow SEA player SilentStormy in the first round of the playoffs before he was defeated by eventual 3rd place winner Aaron in the quarter finals.


Neilyo was able to get enough points during the Winter and Spring seasons of the the 2016 Hearthstone Championship Tour in order to advance to the SEA Preliminaries but was not able to advance to the APAC Championship. He made it until the quarter finals during the 2016 HCT SEA Winter Prelims and was dropped in the LB RO 16b of the 2016 HCT SEA Spring Prelims.


  • Mostly listens to progressive house, Dubstep, hip-hop & pop Music
  • Favorite food is chocolate lasagna & BBQ vermicelli.
  • Favorite class: Rogue, Druid, Hunter (he thinks their golden class cards are gorgeous)
  • Preferred Deck Archetype: Combo
  • Favorite Card: Edwin Vancleef
  • He used to play daily poker tournaments at casinos. He won in some of them.
  • Neilyo Provides coaching service through his Skype ID: yelly9x (Rate is at $30/hour)[3]


Date Placement Tier Tournament Team Result Prize
2016-08-21 A44th A2Tier 2 2016 HCT - Asia-Pacific Summer Southeast Asia Preliminary 2 : 3 Malaysia wkyew90 $250
2016-05-28 A22nd A6Weekly GosuCup SEA 2016 Summer #1 0 : 3 Malaysia Yuri $150
2016-02-13 A11st A7Showm. SEA Golden Monkey Invitational 3 : 1 Singapore heisnotaxel $88
2015-10-31 A99 - 12th A1Tier 1 2015 Hearthstone World Championship 2 : 3 Canada Hotform $5,000
2015-10-14 A11st A2Tier 2 WCA 2015 - Asia Pro Qualifier 4 : 1 Malaysia ChongGEr $7,880
2015-10-03 A33 - 4th A1Tier 1 2015 HWC - Asia-Pacific Championship 2 : 3 Japan Kno $2,500
2015-09-20 A11st A3Tier 3 2015 HWC - Asia-Pacific Championship Southeast Asia Finals 3 : 1 Philippines Chalk $1,200
2015-07-26 A11st A3Tier 3 Southeast Asia Legends Series - Season 15 $300
2015-05-16 A11st A6Weekly GosuCup SEA 2015 #7 $300
2015-04-25 A11st A6Weekly GosuCup SEA 2015 #4 $300
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Date Placement Tier Tournament Results Prize Partner List
2018-08-30 B725 - 32nd A1Tier 1 2018 Hearthstone Global Games VietnamVietnam 2 - 3 Grp. S. $1,000
2017-06-16 B741 - 48th A1Tier 1 2017 Hearthstone Global Games VietnamVietnam 1 - 4 Grp. S. $1,000
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Ladder Finishes[edit]

Hero Progress Stat Page

NA Ladder[edit]

  • January 2015: #85
  • February 2015: #88
  • March 2015: #27
  • June 2015: #78
  • July 2015: #35
  • October 2015: #35
  • November 2015: #20
  • December 2015: #80
  • January 2016: #43
  • September 2016: #44

Asia Ladder[edit]

  • January 2016: #64
  • February 2016: #94
  • May 2016: #64
  • December 2016: #74

Deck Guides[edit]

(Updated for WoTG) Hunter for ladder