One Night in Karazhan

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[e][h]One Night in Karazhan
Game Information
Release Dates:
August 12, 2016

One Night in Karazhan is the fourth and the latest Hearthstone Adventure. It was announced on July 29th 2016 and the free prologue mission went live on August 12th 2016. [1]

Solo Adventure[edit]

Similarly to previous Hearthstone Adventures players have to undertake series of single player missions in games that feature creatures of Karazhan, custom rules and new cards. Completing a wing rewards players with a Legendary card and unlocks class challenges.


In One Night in Karazhan players have four wings of three challenges to complete in addition to the free prologue mission.


Opponent Rewards
Prince Malchezaar Enchanted Raven and Firelands Portal

The Parlor[edit]

Opponent Rewards
Silverware Golem Silverware Golem and Deadly Fork
Magic Mirror Arcane Anomaly and Pantry Spider
Chess Ivory Knight and Protect the King!

Players who defeat all bosses in The Parlor earn two copies of Cloaked Huntress and Arcanosmith and the Legendary card Moroes. It also unlocks Priest and Shaman Class Challenges.

The Opera[edit]

Opponent Rewards
Julianne Pompous Thespian and Onyx Bishop
Big Bad Wolf Kindly Grandmother and Arcane Giant
The Crone Wicked Witchdoctor and Moat Lurker

Players who have defeated the Opera wing receive two copies of Swashburglar and a copy of the Legendary card Barnes, they also have access to the Warlock and Paladin Class Challenges.

The Menagerie[edit]

Opponent Rewards
Curator Zoobot and Menagerie Warden
Nightbane Nightbane Templar and Runic Egg
Terestian Illhoof Purify and Avian Watcher

Players who defeat The Menagerie challenges obtain two copies of Menagerie Magician and the Legendary card The Curator. Defeating this wing also opens Hunter, Mage and Warrior Class Challenges.

The Spire[edit]

Opponent Rewards
Shade of Aran Medivh's Valet and Spirit Claws
Netherspite Netherspite Historian and Book Wyrm
Free Medivh! Malchezaar's Imp and Ironforge Portal

Completing The Spire means player has defeated the entire One Night in Karazhan Hearthstone Adventure. Rewards for this are two copies of Violet Illusionist and two Legendary cards, Prince Malchezaar and Medivh, the Guardian. It also unlocks the final two Class Challenges, Rogue and Druid.

Class Challenges[edit]

Class Opponent Rewards
Priest Silverware Golem Priest of the Feast
Shaman Magic Mirror Maelstrom Portal
Warlock Julianne Kara Kazham!
Paladin Big Bad Wolf Silvermoon Portal
Hunter Curator Cat Trick
Mage Nightbane Babbling Book
Warrior Terestian Illhoof Fool's Bane
Rogue Shade of Aran Ethereal Peddler
Druid Netherspite Moonglade Portal


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