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[e][h] Powder
Player Information
Harald Gimre
Total Earnings:
2014-07-12 – 2014-11-01
2014-11-01 – 2015-01-26
2015-03-06 – 2015-08-06
2015-09-14 – 2015-12-04
2015-12-30 – 2016-12-29
2017-01-09 – 2017-12-18

Harald "Powder" Gimre is a Hearthstone player from Sweden, currently a Free Agent.


Powder is 21 years old from Malmö, Sweden but currently living in London. His gaming career started as with many other pro gamers at a very young age sitting playing Xbox with friends. Games like NHL 2004 and other sport games were his passion. It took him a while to get into computer games as it wasn't until Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 was released that his passion really manifested. A natural transition from Call of Duty, Counter Strike provided his first dabble in the competitive scene of esports. Competing in weekly cups online he grew and became familiar with esports. However eventually growing bored with Counter Strike, he transitioned to the new upcoming game: League of Legends. He reached high Diamond 1 solo queue rating and played for many different teams over the span of a year. After failing to qualify for several different events many of his teammates at the time started playing different games and this is how he found Hearthstone.

In Beta[edit]

Powder had no card game experience prior to October 2013 when he first started playing during closed beta. He spent 10 hours a day, learning the basics, and intricacies of card games. However he quickly became legend. With the likes of of other EU players (such as semijew and skip), powder took part in tournaments arranged fun each week though skype a group. Powder credits his time here as an important factor in his success in hearthstone.

Post Release[edit]

Powder continued to play with hopes of being on a starter on a well known team. He played weekly tournaments, trying to play at least one a week if not more, spanning both the NA and EU servers. During this time he became a proficient miracle rouge player. However with no invitational or showmatch success, powder went mostly unnoticed under the Team Second Wind. When team Don't Kick my Robot started the DKMR round-up which kept track of all the weekly tournaments players were playing in, they noticed powder's impressive weekly tournaments finishes, and later signed him in July 2014. Powder went on to represent DKMR in a coolermaster showmatch, and the EU blizzcon world championship qualifier. In November he transferred to IhearthU with the rest of the active DKMR roster. As a member of IhearthU, powder finished 2nd in both the Kinguin for charity Christmas 2014, and heroes of cards 3 tournaments.


  • Powder originally played under the name Wht_Powder.
  • Powder was the first EU player to be signed by the NA based team DKMR.


Date Placement Tier Tournament Team Result Prize
2017-12-27 B717 - 32nd A6Weekly StriveWire's Mega Cash 2017/12/27 2 : 3 United Kingdom ALightSwitch $0
2017-10-12 A33 - 4th A6Weekly StriveWire's Mega Cash 2017/10/12 2 : 3 Belarus Картошечка $39.52
2017-10-01 A99th A5Monthly StriveWire's September Championship Series 4 - 2 Grp. S. $0
2017-07-02 A22nd A2Major Summer Mansion 3 : 4 Italy ElMachico $2,660
2017-06-24 B313 - 16th A1Premier SeatStory Cup VII 0 : 3 Denmark Crane333 $0
2017-06-18 A99 - 16th A1Premier DreamHack Summer 2017 1 : 3 Finland zumpp $675
2017-05-29 A22nd A7Qualifier Lajkat Grand Prix - Qualifier #1 0 : 3 Sweden Chrillee $0
2017-05-21 B740th A1Premier 2017 HCT - Europe Spring Championship 2 - 3 Grp. S. $0
2017-03-18 B717 - 24th A2Major ONOG Major Circuit Austin 2017 0 : 3 USA killinallday $0
2017-02-14 A55 - 8th A2Major Kinguin For Charity with paysafecard 2 : 3 Ukraine Kolento $0
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Date Placement Tier Tournament Results Prize Partner List
2017-12-10 A44th A1Premier 2017 Gold Club World Championship 2 : 3 $13,333.33
2017-06-16 B733 - 40th A1Premier 2017 Hearthstone Global Games 2 - 3 Grp. S. $1,000
2017-03-18 A88th A1Premier Trinity Series Season 1 2 - 5 Grp. S. $1,000
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