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Marco "Stak" Cresta
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Powned.it is an Italian eSports organisation currently fielding teams in Hearthstone, World of Warcraft and Dota 2. The organisation entered the Hearthstone scene on the 8th of June 2014 and Powned HS Team quickly became the first and most important team in the italian competitive scene.

Player Roster[edit]


ID Name 2018
Italy Gera89 Gerardo Di Pietro A8aRo8 2015_Hearthstone_World_Championship/Qualifier/Europe
Italy Pignas Salvatory Pignolo
Italy JackTorrance Massimiliano Sacco
Italy Thufull Tommaso Giommi


ID Name Join Date Departure Length New Team
Italy IlNuvoloso Alessandro Finucci
Italy Turna Marco Castiglioni
Italy Tazdingo Michael Marzoli
Italy Dax Davide Sorce
Italy Bertels Luca Bertelli
Italy Biscaf Francesco Biscardi
Italy Cloudascris Cristiano Carlotti
Italy Kaor Riccardo Giammanco August 2014 2 December 2014 4 Months SK GamingSK Gaming SK Gaming
Italy Meliador Francesco Leoni
Italy Dazzar Luca De Lollis
Italy TiatheSnake Mattia Passarella
Italy Lik Carlo Carlino
Italy Baron Matteo Rossi
Italy Cucca Gabrielle Cuccarini
Italy Miragent Lorenzo Podda
Italy Francemango Francesco Quintano
Italy Mike9x Michele Catena
Italy Elegant Filippo Bionido

Official Caster[edit]

ID Name 2014
Italy Morfeo Antonello Di Filippo
Italy Marsala Marco Salemi


ID Name Former Team
Italy Stak Marco Cresta President
Italy davePlug Davide Spina CTO