Southsea Deckhand

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[e][h][]Southsea Deckhand



Has Charge while you have a weapon equipped.
Card Information
Pirates are into this new fad called "Planking".

Southsea Deckhand is a Pirate minion card with charge while you have a weapon equipped.


For the low costs of 1 mana this 2/1 minion with charge while a weapon is equipped is ideally for a deck that has a lot of weapons. Like Warrior or Rouge, even for a Paladin. For a Rogue deck is this card really good due to the hero ability, which gives a rough a 1/2 weapon for 2 mana. This is a really good combination if you need charge for a fast knock-out of a minion on the field. In the combination with Southsea Captain and Captain's Parrot, the card will get even stronger. A good combo attack would be, if you have your Southsea Captain on the field and your 1/2 weapon equipped, then you can play Southsea Deckhand. If you played the card, you can use your Captain's Parrot to get your card back into your hand. If you still have 2 mana left than you can play the card again and charge the opponent for a second time.


Southsea Deckhand is a member of the Southsea Freebooters.

The Southsea Freebooters, a small fleet of pirates, have no landward home — at least none that authorities have found — but are a common sight along the coast of the Barrens and Tanaris, they have even recently appeared in the flooded Thousand Needles. It's unclear of the connection they have with the Northsea Freebooters, but the Northsea Freebooters seems to have a severe disliking of the Southsea ones. The Southsea Freebooters have several bases located along the southeastern coasts of Kalimdor.[Citation needed]

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