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[e][h]Team Celestial
Team Information
Hearthstone Team Story 2015 - Chapter I
Solo Achievements
DreamHack Summer 2015 (by TiddlerCelestial)Gold Series 2016 - Spring (by Breath)Titanar Hearthstone Elite Invitational 2017 (by Hamster)
Player Breakdown
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Team Celestial is a Hearthstone team formed by a Chinese well-known player TiddlerCelestial.


Player Roster[edit]


Competetive Player
ID Name Join Date 2014 2015 2016
China TiddlerCelestial () Wang Xieyu (王勰愉) 2015-04-18 A22nd BlizzCon World ChampionshipsWorld Cyber Arena 2014 A11st DreamHack 2015/Summer
Canada SilentStorm Austin Li 2015-04-18 Y- A11st Legendary Series - Season 1 Finals
Taiwan FrozenIce Chu Shih-kuang (朱世光) 2015-04-18 B313 - 16th BlizzCon World Championships B010th DreamHack 2015/Summer
Canada allandang Allan Dang 2015-08-06 Y- Y-
Canada Neobility Wu Guangnan 2015-08-06 Y- Y- A22nd 2016 MSi EGLX Major
China Zoro Hong Yijie (洪毅杰) 2015-07-01 Y- A55 - 8th 2015 Hearthstone World Championship A22nd Gold Series 2015 - Grand Finals
China Skyhigh Cao Ximeng 2016-04-13 Y- Y- A33 - 4th 2016 HCT - Americas Winter Championship
China Caoyuan Zhang Rongjie (张荣捷) 2015-07-01 Y- Y-
China Breath Chen Yuxiang (陈宇翔) 2015-07-01 Y- A22nd Gold Series 2015 - Xi'an A11st Gold Series 2016 - SpringCelestial Alpha 2
China Spring Jiang Quanyu (江泉钰) 2015-07-01 Y- Y-
China Zuiwo Li Xinyang (李昕洋) 2015-07-01 Y- A77 - 8th I-league/Season 4 B717 - 24th Gold Series 2015 - Grand Finals
China Keroro Cen Yan (岑琰) 2015-07-01 Y- Y-
China Xichen Wang Chao (王超) 2015-07-01 Y- A22nd CN vs NA Challenge
China Immortal Gu Luo (古洛) 2015-07-01 Y- B313 - 16th Viagame House Cup #3
China Sirius Guo Feihuan (郭飞桓) 2015-07-01 Y- A22nd Gold Series 2015 - Tianjin
China Chaoshen Zhang Chaojun (张朝俊) 2015-09-26 Y- A22nd CN vs NA Challenge
China CoachBang Liu Banghuang (刘帮煌) 2015-05-10 Y- Y-
China JianLang Tang Zhenjie (唐振杰) 2015-05-10 Y- Y-
China Sorer Song Haofei (宋浩飞) 2015-05-10 Y- Y-
China Luckier Ma Teng (马腾) 2015-08-06 Y- A55 - 8th Gold Series 2015 - Shenyang
China Emptybig Deng Fan (邓凡) 2015-08-06 Y- Y-
China Payton Zhang Peiyang (张沛旸) 2015-08-06 Y- Y- A33 - 4th DreamHack Austin 2016
China XiaoCao Xie Yue (谢越) 2015-07-01 Y- Y-
China MaiFu Dai Wei (戴巍) 2015-07-01 Y- Y-
China Daydream Qian Xin (钱欣) 2015-07-01 Y- Y-
China Roy Pan Jixin (潘季鑫) 2015-07-01 Y- Y-
China Wumian Shen Qile (沈其乐) 2015-07-01 Y- Y-
China Totti Huang Sheng (黄晟) 2015-07-01 Y- Y-
China Sumsoar Xia Xiang (夏翔) 2015-07-01 Y- A55 - 8th Gold Series 2015 - Chongqing
China EchoSeven Sun Mingxiao (孙铭啸) 2015-07-01 Y- Y-
China Hamster Zhao Songyang (赵嵩阳) 2015-07-01 Y- Y-
China Jeawong Wang Mingji (王鸣骥) 2015-07-01 Y- Y-
China Breeze Rong Xiaohua (荣晓华) 2015-07-01 Y- Y-
China Clown Wang Hao (王昊) 2015-07-01 Y- Y-
China Garfield Sun Longpeng (孙龙鹏) 2015-07-01 Y- Y-
China Smileandy Han Chengjun (韩成君) 2015-07-01 Y- Y-
China Meihua Zhang Liji (张李吉) 2015-07-01 Y- Y-
China Zhawei Zhang Zichun (张子淳) 2015-07-01 Y- Y-
China Vanisher Zhang Qian (张谦) 2015-07-01 Y- Y-
China WooW Wang Ke (王珂) 2015-07-01 Y- Y-
China MistyRain Shi Xiangyu (石翔宇) 2015-07-01 Y- Y-
China Beijimao Mu Zhenyu (母振宇) 2015-07-01 Y- A55 - 8th Gold Series 2015 - Shenyang
China Guijiaoqi Cai Yu (蔡雨) 2015-07-01 Y- Y-
China Guanyue Deng Huilin (邓会林) 2015-07-01 Y- Y-


ID Name Join Date Departure New Team
China Yavis Yuan Huiwen (袁慧文) 2015-04-18 2015-07-01 Retirement
China Ding Zhang Ding (张鼎) 2015-04-18 2015-11-08 Invictus Gaming
China Donten Gui Bin (桂彬) 2015-05-10 2015-10-15 Panic to Death
China JasonZhou Zhou Bin (周彬) 2015-05-10 2016-02-03 Vici Gaming
China God830 Yukun Liu (刘昱坤) 2015-08-06 2016-02-25
No team template exists for name "efuture".
China Zihao Guo Zihao (郭子豪) 2015-07-01 2016-03-10 TongFu
China Duke Chen Shiwei (陈仕伟) 2015-07-01 2016-03-10 Star Horn Royal Club
China Jiesha Yuan Xinjie (袁欣杰) 2015-07-01 2016-03-10 Star Horn Royal Club
China Xiuxing Huang Junhao (黄俊豪) 2015-07-01 2016-03-10 Star Horn Royal Club
China Brarose Xie Peng (谢鹏) 2015-07-01 2016-03-10 Star Horn Royal Club
China Fusheng Tian Jia (田嘉) 2015-07-01 2016-03-10 Newbee


ID Name Position
China Sinn Tan Zhen (谭震) Team Manager

Individual Achievements[edit]

Date Placement Player Tier Tournament Prize
2017-01-25 A11st China Hamster A1Tier 1 Titanar Hearthstone Elite Invitational 2017 $12,000
2016-04-10 A11st China Breath A1Tier 1 Gold Series 2016 - Spring $15,465
2016-01-24 A22nd China Zoro A1Tier 1 Gold Series 2015 - Grand Finals $12,424
2015-06-15 A11st China TiddlerCelestial A1Tier 1 DreamHack Summer 2015 $12,500
2015-08-02 A22nd China Xichen A1Tier 1 CN vs NA Challenge $3,200
2016-11-05 A55 - 8th China Hamster A1Tier 1 2016 Hearthstone World Championship $50,000
2016-11-05 B313 - 16th China Breath A1Tier 1 2016 Hearthstone World Championship $25,000
2015-08-30 A22nd China Zoro A1Tier 1 2015 HWC - China Championship $5,000
2015-11-06 A55 - 8th China Zoro A1Tier 1 2015 Hearthstone World Championship $7,500
2015-11-06 A55 - 8th China Zihao A1Tier 1 2015 Hearthstone World Championship $7,500
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