The Grand Tournament

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[e][h]The Grand Tournament
Game Information
Release Dates:
August 2015

The Grand Tournament is the second full expansion set to Hearthstone. It was announced on July 22nd 2015 in a special event hosted by Blizzard at The Foundry, in San Fransisco, CA.[1]

Inspire a new keyword is added to the game.


The Grand Tournament expansion set is thematically connected to Argent Crusade and Argent Tournament from World of Warcraft.

After defeating the Lich and his troops mighty heroes of Azeroth have gathered to continue their Grand Tournament.[2] Knights of all kinds are represented in the new cards and the new game Board is inspired by medieval tournament field.

In-game Hero Powers have interactions with many of the new cards, most notably in the form of new keyword Inspire. [3]

New Content[edit]

The new game board

A new game Board and 132 new cards are added to the game. [3] Also a new keyword Inspire is added to the game.


A new keyword: Inspire is added to the game. Cards with the keyword Inspire in them will activate an effect when player uses their Hero Powers.

The Arena rewards are reworked as a part of expansion. Since the launch of Goblins vs Gnomes the Arena awarded Goblins vs Gnomes card packs. After the launch of The Grand Tournament expansion players had the choice between Classic card packs, Goblins vs Gnomes card packs and The Grand Tournament card packs. [3] After the launch of Whispers of the Old Gods players can no longer purchase Goblins vs Gnomes card packs.


Total of 132 new cards are added to the game. All The Grand Tournament cards are available through crafting and in The Grand Tournament card packs. In the Arena game mode all new cards will be available to all players.

Name Rarity Class Effect
Acidmaw Legendary Hunter 7 4 2 Whenever another minion takes damage, destroy it.
Ancestral Knowledge Common Shaman 2 Draw 2 cards. Overload: (2)
Anub'arak Legendary Rogue 9 8 4 Deathrattle: Return this to your hand and summon a 4/4 Nerubian.
Arcane Blast Epic Mage 1 Deal 2 damage to a minion. This spell gets double bonus from Spell Damage.
Argent Horserider Common Neutral 3 2 1 Charge
Divine Shield
Astral Communion Epic Druid 4 Gain 10 Mana Crystals. Discard your hand.
Aviana Legendary Druid 9 5 5 Your minions cost (1).
Ball of Spiders Rare Hunter 6 Summon three 1/1 Webspinners.
Bash Common Warrior 3 Deal 3 damage. Gain 3 Armor.
Bear Trap Common Hunter 2 Secret: After your hero is attacked, summon a 3/3 Bear with Taunt.
Beneath the Grounds Epic Rogue 3 Shuffle 3 Ambushes into your opponent's deck. When drawn, you summon a 4/4 Nerubian.
Bolf Ramshield Legendary Neutral 6 3 9 Whenever your hero takes damage, this minion takes it instead.
Captured Jormungar Common Neutral 7 5 9
Charged Hammer Epic Shaman 4 2 4 Deathrattle: Your Hero Power becomes 'Deal 2 damage.'
Chillmaw Legendary Neutral 7 6 6 Taunt
Deathrattle: If you're holding a Dragon, deal 3 damage to all minions.
Clockwork Knight Common Neutral 5 5 5 Battlecry: Give a friendly Mech +1/+1.
Coldarra Drake Epic Mage 6 6 6 You can use your Hero Power any number of times.
Coliseum Manager Rare Neutral 3 2 5 Inspire: Return this minion to your hand.
Competitive Spirit Rare Paladin 1 Secret: When your turn starts, give your minions +1/+1.
Confessor Paletress Legendary Priest 7 5 4 Inspire: Summon a random Legendary minion.
Confuse Epic Priest 2 Swap the Attack and Health of all minions.
Dark Bargain Epic Warlock 6 Destroy 2 random enemy minions. Discard 2 random cards.
Darnassus Aspirant Rare Druid 2 2 3 Battlecry: Gain an empty Mana Crystal.
Deathrattle: Lose a Mana Crystal.
Draenei Totemcarver Rare Shaman 4 4 4 Battlecry: Gain +1/+1 for each friendly Totem.
Dragonhawk Rider Common Neutral 3 3 3 Inspire: Gain Windfury this turn.
Dreadscale Legendary Hunter 3 4 2 At the end of your turn, deal 1 damage to all other minions.
Eadric the Pure Legendary Paladin 7 3 7 Battlecry: Change all enemy minions' Attack to 1.
Effigy Rare Mage 3 Secret: When a friendly minion dies, summon a random minion with the same cost.
Elemental Destruction Epic Shaman 3 Deal 4-5 damage to all minions. Overload: (5)
Enter the Coliseum Epic Paladin 6 Destroy all minions except each player's highest Attack minion.
Evil Heckler Common Neutral 4 5 4 Taunt
Eydis Darkbane Legendary Neutral 3 3 4 Whenever you target this minion with a spell, deal 3 damage to a random enemy.
Fearsome Doomguard Common Warlock 7 6 8
Fencing Coach Rare Neutral 3 2 2 Battlecry: The next time you use your Hero Power, it costs (2) less.
Fjola Lightbane Legendary Neutral 3 3 4 Whenever you target this minion with a spell, gain Divine Shield.
Flame Juggler Common Neutral 2 2 3 Battlecry: Deal 1 damage to a random enemy.
Flame Lance Common Mage 5 Deal 8 damage to a minion.
Flash Heal Common Priest 1 Restore 5 Health
Frost Giant Epic Neutral 10 8 8 Cost (1) less for each time you used you Hero Power this game.
Gadgetzan Jouster Common Neutral 1 1 2 Battlecry: Reveal a minion in each deck. If yours costs more, gain +1/+1.
Gormok the Impaler Legendary Neutral 4 4 4 Battlecry: If you have at least 4 other minions, deal 4 damage.
Grand Crusader Epic Neutral 6 5 5 Battlecry: Add a random Paladin card to your hand.
Healing Wave Rare Shaman 3 Restore 7 Health. Reveal a minion i neach deck. If yours costs more, Restore 14 instead.
Ice Rager Common Neutral 3 5 2
Icehowl Legendary Neutral 9 10 10 Charge
Can't attack heroes.
Justicar Trueheart Legendary Neutral 6 6 3 Battlecry: Replace your starting Hero Power with a better one.
King's Defender Rare Warrior 3 3 2 Battlecry: If you have a minion with Taunt, gain +1 Durability.
King's Elekk Common Hunter 2 3 2 Battlecry: Reveal a minion in each deck. If yours costs more, draw it.
Knight of the Wild Rare Druid 7 6 6 Whenever you summon a Beast, reduce the Cost of this card by (1).
Kodorider Epic Neutral 6 3 5 Inspire: Summon a 3/5 War Kodo.
Kvaldir Raider Common Neutral 5 4 4 Inspire: Gain +2/+2.
Light's Champion Rare Neutral 3 4 3 Battlecry: Silence a Demon.
Living Roots Common Druid 1 Choose One - Deal 2 damage; or Summon two 1/1 Saplings.
Master Jouster Rare Neutral 6 5 6 Battlecry: Reveal a minion in each deck. If yours costs more, gain Taunt and Divine Shield.
Master of Ceremonies Epic Neutral 3 4 2 Battlecry: If you have a minion with Spell Damage, gain +2/+2.
Mogor's Champion Rare Neutral 6 8 5 50% chance to attack the wrong enemy.
Mukla's Champion Common Neutral 5 4 3 Inspire: Give your other minions +1/+1.
Mulch Epic Druid 3 Destroy a minion.
Add a random minion to your opponent's hand.
Mysterious Challenger Epic Paladin 6 6 6 Battlecry: Put one of each Secret from your deck into the battlefield.
Nexus-Champion Saraad Legendary Neutral 5 4 5 Inspire: Add a random spell to your hand.
North Sea Kraken Common Neutral 9 9 7 Battlecry: Deal 4 damage.
Orgrimmar Aspirant Common Warrior 3 3 3 Inspire: Give your weapon +1 Attack.
Pit Fighter Common Neutral 5 5 6
Poisoned Blade Epic Rogue 4 1 3 Your Hero Power gives this weapon +1 Attack instead of replacing it.
Powershot Rare Hunter 3 Deal 2 damage to a minion and the minions next to it.
Ram Wrangler Rare Hunter 5 3 3 Battlecry: If you have a Beast, summon a random Beast.
Refreshment Vendor Common Neutral 4 3 5 Battlecry: Restore 4 Health to each hero.
Rhonin Legendary Mage 8 7 7 Deathrattle: Add 3 copies of Arcane Missiles to your hand.
Saboteur Rare Neutral 3 4 3 Battlecry: Your opponent's Hero Power costs (5) more next turn.
Savage Combatant Rare Druid 4 5 4 Inspire: Give your hero +2 Attack this turn.
Sea Reaver Epic Warrior 6 6 7 When you draw this, deal 1 damage to your minions.
Seal of Champions Common Paladin 3 Give a minion +3 Attack and Divine Shield.
Shadowfiend Epic Priest 3 3 3 Whenever you draw a card, reduce its Cost by (1).
Shady Dealer Rare Rogue 3 4 3 Battlecry: If you have a Pirate, gain +1/+1.
Sideshow Spelleater Epic Neutral 6 6 5 Battlecry: Copy your opponent's Hero Power.
Silent Knight Common Neutral 3 2 2 Stealth
Divine Shield
Silver Hand Regent Common Neutral 3 3 3 Inspire: Summon a 1/1 Silver Hand Recruit.
Skycap'n Kragg Legendary Neutral 7 4 6 Charrrrrge
Cost (1) less for each friendly Pirate.
Spellslinger Common Mage 3 3 4 Battlecry: Add a random spell to each player's hand.
Stablemaster Epic Hunter 3 4 2 Battlecry: Give a friendly Beast Immune this turn.
The Mistcaller Legendary Shaman 6 4 4 Battlecry: Give all minions in your hand and deck +1/+1.
The Skeleton Knight Legendary Neutral 6 7 4 Deathrattle: Reveal a minion in each deck. If yours costs more, return this to your hand.
Thunder Bluff Valiant Rare Shaman 5 3 6 Inspire: Give your Totems +2 Attack.
Totem Golem Common Shaman 2 3 4 Overload: (1)
Tournament Medic Common Neutral 4 1 8 Inspire: Restore 2 Health to your hero.
Tuskarr Totemic Common Shaman 3 3 2 Battlecry: Summon ANY random Totem.
Twilight Guardian Epic Neutral 4 2 6 Battlecry: If you're holding a Dragon, gain +1 Attack and Taunt.
Varian Wrynn Legendary Warrior 10 7 7 Battlecry: Draw 3 cards. Put any minions you drew directly into the battlefield.
Void Crusher Rare Warlock 6 5 4 Inspire: Destroy a random minion for each player.
Warhorse Trainer Common Paladin 3 2 4 Your Silver Hand Recruits have +1 Attack.
Wilfred Fizzlebang Legendary Warlock 6 4 4 Cards you draw from your Hero Power cost (0).
Wyrmrest Agent Rare Priest 2 1 4 Battlecry: If you're holding a Dragon, gain +1 Attack and Taunt.


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