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From Client[edit]

  • Basic cards are earned by leveling up. They cannot be disenchanted or crafted.
  • Basic cards are earned by leveling up a class. Expert cards come from Expert Packs.
  • Complete quests to earn Gold. Gold can be used to buy packs or enter The Arena.
  • Each pack of Expert cards has at least one rare or better card, but it could have more.
  • Golden cards can be disenchanted for a lot of dust.
  • If you need help building a deck, look at the "Suggested Cards".
  • If you play Ranked games, you will get a medal that shows off your skill.
  • Playing against real players grants you bonus XP.
  • Rarity colors, in order: White is Common, Blue is Rare, Purple is Epic and Orange is Legendary.
  • Right-click on your hero to emote.
  • You can purchase additional Packs of Expert cards from the store.
  • You can rightclick your opponent to "squelch" his emotes.
  • You can tell the rarity of a card by the gem in its center.
  • You can use the search field in your collection to find all cards with 'Taunt'.

Windows client[edit]

  • To maximize your Hearthstone window, change the setting in the game client to be the same as your display, and switch to Windowed Mode. Open the Task Manager by right clicking in the Taskbar. Find Hearthstone in the Applications tab and right click and select Maximize and right click again and select Bring To Front.