Unleash the Hounds

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[e][h][]Unleash the Hounds

For each enemy minion, summon a 1/1 Hound with Charge.
Card Information
You must read the name of this card out loud each time you play it.

Unleash the Hounds is a Hunter spell card. Its effect is to summon a 1/1 Hound with charge for each enemy minion in play.


Unleash the Hounds is one of the core cards of Hunter, one of its only and most effective ways for a board clear.

In constructed play, a turn 5 Knife Juggler/Unleash the Hounds is one of the only ways to come back into the game against another aggressive deck. Against slower control decks, Charging Hounds in combination with a Hunter's Mark can allow for huge swings on the board.

Unleash the Hounds doesn't always have to involve a board clear play. Instead, a more aggressive approach can be used and all the Hounds can go for face, which is common when playing Face Hunter.

As a core card, Unleash the Hounds is usually run as a two-of in Hunter decks. It is used in all types of competitive Hunter including Face Hunter, Hybrid Hunter, and Midrange Hunter. In very rare circumstances, such as when the ladder or tournament metagame becomes slower and less aggressive, individual copies of the card may be cut.


Name Rarity Class Type Subtype Cost Atk HP Effect
Hunter's Mark Free Hunter Spell General 0 Change a minion's Health to 1.
Timber Wolf Free Hunter Minion Beast 1 1 1 Your other Beasts have +1 Attack.
Knife Juggler Rare Neutral Minion General 2 3 2 After you summon a minion, deal 1 damage to a random enemy.
Scavenging Hyena Common Hunter Minion Beast 2 2 2 Whenever a friendly Beast dies, gain +2/+1.
Cult Master Common Neutral Minion General 4 4 2 Whenever one of your other minions dies, draw a card.
King of Beasts Rare Hunter Minion Beast 5 2 6 Taunt. Battlecry: Gain +1 Attack for each other beast you have.
Leeroy Jenkins Legendary Neutral Minion General 5 6 2 Charge. Battlecry: Summon two 1/1 Whelps for your opponent.
Starving Buzzard Free Hunter Minion Beast 5 3 2 Whenever you Summon a Beast, draw a card.
Starving Buzzard Free Hunter Minion Beast 5 3 2 Whenever you summon a Beast, draw a card.
Acidmaw Legendary Hunter Minion Beast 7 4 2 Whenever another minion takes damage, destroy it.

Patch Changes[edit]

Prior to Patch, Unleash the Hounds had a completely different effect. Instead, it granted all friendly Beasts +1 Attack and the Charge ability. This led to Hunter's most popular and common deck being an one-turn kill deck involving cards like Timber Wolf and Young Dragonhawk. This interaction was deemed "unfun" so Blizzard changed the card completely to the effect it is now.

However, the card was initially set at 4 mana, which was deemed too much by the majority of the community. Hunter remained one of the weakest classes until Unleash the Hounds was changed again in Patch At this point, the mana cost of Unleash the Hounds was changed from 4 mana to 2 mana. Although, this change initially gave birth to the Face Hunter deck, players eventually learned that combos with Unleash the Hounds and care like Starving Buzzard, Hunter's Mark, Timber Wolf, and Scavenging Hyena allowed for the creation of an even stronger Midrange Hunter deck.

Again, in Patch, Unleash the Hounds was deemed overpowered and "unfun", so it was changed to 3 mana. This slightly weakened the Midrange Hunter deck, but it still remained one of the most dominant decks. Later on in Patch, the other key piece of the infamous Starving Buzzard/Unleash the Hounds combo was nerfed, which completely changed the face of the Hunter class.