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[e][h]XI Esport
Team Information
Asger ASGER-G Giversen
Patrick Paten Nielsen


Team XI Esport is one of the youngest organization born in Denmark in 2014 and in a very short time, it became one of the best Italian teams in the Hearthstone scene winning local LANs and with great placements in European Ladder.


Player Roster[edit]


ID Name Join Date
Denmark Jabb Jakob Buchholtz 201?-??-??
Denmark Morandi Morten A. Jensen 201?-??-??
Denmark Mazsii Mads Didriksen 201?-??-??
Denmark MatTheGreat Mathias Prip 2017-11-01
Denmark Libram Jacob Dideriksen-Nielsen 2017-06-10 [1]
Denmark Niklaus Nikolaj Klausen 2016-12-?? [3]
Denmark Nightgarden Benjamin Danielsen 2015-??-??
Denmark Paten Patrick Nielsen 2014-07-??


ID Name Position
Denmark ASGER-G Asger Giversen Manger and Social Manager
Denmark Paten Patrick Nielsen Team Manager

Individual Achievements[edit]

Date Placement Player Tier Tournament Prize
2017-11-26 A11st Denmark MatTheGreat A2Major WESG 2017 - European Qualifiers $15,000
2018-03-18 A99 - 12th Denmark MatTheGreat A1Premier World Electronic Sports Games 2017 $1,500
2018-03-25 B717 - 32nd Denmark MatTheGreat A2Major Tour Stop Season 1 2018 - HCT Oslo $200
2018-05-03 A55 - 6th Denmark MatTheGreat A6Weekly Challenger Cup - S2 - 2018/05/03 #1 $0
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