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Company Information

2ARC Gaming is a North American eSports organization created in February of 2014. It has been active in the Heroes of the Storm competitive scene since April 2014.


PAX East 2014 opened the door to 2ARC Gaming's participation in the Heroes of the Storm alpha. 2ARC founded its first roster known simply as Team 2ARC in April, which lasted 4 months. In August, it reopened recruitment and went through an extended trial period with 2 teams, Iliad and Odyssey. By October, 2ARC Gaming brought together a new roster, known as 2ARC IIiad. Iliad experienced substantial progress in the competitive scene, having regularly placed top 5 in weekly tournaments, ranked 2nd in the first season of Heroes Premier League, and placed 3rd in the North American ESL Major League Season 1. On April 5th, 2015, the team was renamed to 2ARC Gaming.



Former Organization
ID Name Position
Canada MrNyxis Alexis Barth Owner / Manager
United States Phakz JT Rogers eSports Rep / Manager
United States Tsukii Matt Khan Coach/Analyst