Blackheart's Bay

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[e][h]Blackheart's Bay
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March 13, 2014
Main Objectives
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Blackheart's Bay is a heroes battleground revolving around the Pirate Blackheart. Blackheart's ghostship will bombard enemy buildings if a team can gain the ghostly pirate's favor. This battleground has three main lanes. Blackheart is located on the lower half of the map and a Grave Golem is found on the top half of the map. The battleground requires players to work together to collect doubloons from a variety of different sources and bring them in order to bribe Blackheart. Players will find themselves engaging in doubloon farming, doubloon defending and doubloon stealing from the enemy team, this battle ground promises constant action between the two teams.

Battle Ground Objectives[edit]

The main objective of Blackheart's Bay revolves around gaining the favor of Blackheart to destroy the enemy base.


The zombie skeleton pirate himself
  • Blackheart and his ship can be found at the center middle of the battleground, he will wait there for heroes to bring him doubloons.
  • The first team to give Blackheart 10 doubloons will gain Blackheart's support for a short time.
  • When giving Blackheart doubloons, the player will cast a channeling spell and must be defended, if the channeling player is damaged the channeling is interrupted.
  • When Blackheart is assisting a team, his ship will bombard enemy buildings for 12 shots to help destroy them. Once all 12 shots have been fired, Blackheart returns to being neutral and the doubloon count resets to 0 for the side that just had 10 doubloons.
  • The cost of gaining Blackheart's ship increases with 2 dubloons for every turn-in your team makes. It does not affect the team that didn't get the ship.


  • There are three main ways to obtain doubloons:
    • Neutral monster camps.
    • Treasure chests.
    • Stealing them from enemy heroes.

Doubloon Camps[edit]

  • There are two neutral camps the can grant doubloons on each side of the map and are close to the bases, they are generally easy to defeat and grant two doubloons.
  • All mercenary camps also grant two doubloons.

Treasure Chests[edit]

  • Treasure chests will spawn at the center of the map:
    • One chest spawns near the middle lane and one spawns at bottom lane.
    • The chests can be attacked which will make them drop doubloons, when a chest is attacked enough times, it explodes and drops even more doubloons.
    • Chests give a total of 5 doubloons, making them an important objective for teams to pay attention to.
    • Very first set of chests will always spawn at the 50 second mark.

Enemy Players[edit]

  • To collect doubloons the player simply walk over them.
  • When a hero who carries doubloons dies, they will drop all the doubloons they carry where they died.
    • Defending a friendly player who carries many doubloons is imperative.
    • Finding an enemy player who has collected many doubloons is equally important, allowing the team to setup an ambush before the enemy team and doubloon carrier return to Blackheart.

Secondary Battlefield Objectives[edit]

Mercenary Camps[edit]

There are six mercenary camps and one watchtower on this map.

Siege Giants[edit]

Siege Giants on the left side of the map.

Located near both bases, will push onto bottom lane when captured.


File:Blackheart's Bay Knights.jpg
Knights will push top lane

Located slightly above each base. This camp will push in top lane when captured.

Grave Golem[edit]

File:Blackheart's Bay Grave Golem.jpg
Blackheart's Bay Grave Golem

Located right above top lane at the very center where the lane meets and when captured, will push top lane.


There is one watchtower located at the top side of the map.



  • Blackheart bears a striking resemblance to the Zombie Pirate LeChuck from the Monkey Island series.