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2017 Heroes of the Storm Global Championship Phase #1 Europe Pro League
2017 Heroes of the Storm Global Championship Mid-Season Brawl
2017 Heroes of the Storm Global Championship Phase #2 Western Clash2017 Heroes of the Storm Global Championship Phase #2 Europe Pro League
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Fnatic is a London-based professional electronic sports team. The organization was founded by Sam Mathews and Anne Mathews on the 23rd July 2004 and registered as a company in Australia in the same year. Apart from its headquarters in London, United Kingdom, Fnatic also has offices in Belgrade, Serbia as well as a gaming house in Cologne, Germany. The organization is widely known for a variety of teams, most particularly in having one of the most successful Counter-Strike 1.6 teams in the world.

In October 2014, Fnatic expanded into Heroes of the Storm, announcing a temporary team for the BlizzCon Exhibition Tournament, featuring key players from the StarCraft II and League of Legends competitive scenes.[1]


The organization was founded on July 23, 2004 by Sam Mathews with the help of Anne Mathews and Nader Atoui. Fnatic has won the eSports Award Team of The Year in 2006,[2] and 2009.[3] During 2007-2008 Fnatic welcomed Neil Kirk (co-founder of TCM-Gaming). After playing several years for Fnatic, Patrik "cArn" Sättermon, one of the best CS:1.6 players became the Chief Gaming Officer of Fnatic in 2012. Since 2013, Anne Mathews took over the position of Sam Mathews as the CEO of Fnatic. Sam Mathews still remains as a Chairman in the organization.

In the September of 2008, Fnatic acquired sponsors MSI and SteelSeries. At that point, Fnatic became known as FnaticMSI.[4] Recently, Fnatic and MSI announced the MSI Beat It! tournament. The world's largest Counter Strike: Global Offensive competition.[5] On the first of June, 2011, EIZO started to sponsor Fnatic.

In January 2012, Fnatic took on RaidCall as a sponsor. [6] However this didn’t mean the end of partnership with MSI, as they continue to provide the organization with laptops, graphics cards, and motherboards. With the new title Sponsor, Fnatic was able to expand their territory into the Korean gaming scene, as they became the first foreign e-sports team to acquire a Professional Gaming House in Seoul, South Korea. [7] Fnatic and RaidCall quit their collaboration in early 2013 and soon after the online Poker site Winamax was introduced as a new sponsor.[8] In 2013, Alexander Zavoloka, a common face in the Russian e-sports scene, stepped down from the position as the Editor-in-Chief and got replaced by Andreja Mahovic, a former Dota 2 professional.[9]


Player Roster[edit]


Former Squad
ID Name Position Join Date Leave Date New Team
Sweden Breez Pontus Sjögren Tank 2015-07-30 [11] 2018-12-19 [20]
Sweden SmX Filip Liljeström Support 2015-11-26 [13] 2018-12-19 [20] Washed Up
France Ménè Thomas Cailleux Ranged 2017-11-17 [17] 2018-12-19 [20] Washed Up
Sweden scHwimpi Simon Svensson Ranged Flex 2018-05-24 [19] 2018-12-19 [20] What does the photographer say
Serbia LastHope Petar Kovačević Melee Flex 2018-05-24 [19] 2018-12-19 [20]
Former Players
ID Name Position Join Date Leave Date New Team
Sweden BadBenny Benjamin Eekenulv Melee Flex 2017-11-17 [17] 2018-05-24 [19] Method
Sweden QuackNiix Dob Engström Flex 2015-11-26 [13] 2018-05-24 [19] Zealots
Sweden scHwimpi Simon Svensson Flex 2016-01-25 [14] 2017-11-17 [17] Team expert
Sweden Wubby Jonathan Gunnarsson Flex 2016-05-11 [16] 2017-11-17 [17] Team Dignitas
United Kingdom Atheroangel Lawrence Harper Tank 2016-01-25 [14] 2016-05-13 [16] teh89
France Ménè Thomas Cailleux Carry 2015-07-30 [11] 2016-01-25 [14] Natus Vincere
Italy Kesil Riccardo Archetti Carry 2015-01-14 [10] 2015-11-04 [12] Monkeys Of The Storm
Sweden Wubby Jonathan Gunnarsson Support 2015-07-30 [11] 2015-11-04 [12] Team Spartanien
Portugal Lowell Joaquim Fitas Flex 2015-01-14 [10] 2015-11-04 [12] Team Liquid
Italy AceofSpades Cristian Lippa Support 2015-01-14 [10] 2015-07-30 Team Mozzarella break eSport
France Fred Frédéric Roth Tank 2015-01-14 [10] 2015-06-28
United States Shinobu Jeremy Autore Flex 2015-01-14 [10] 2015-06-23
Poland Shushei Maciej Ratuszniak 2014-10-09 [1] 2014-??-??
Former Squad
ID Name Position Join Date Leave Date New Team
Sweden NaNiwa Johan Lucchesi 2014-10-09 [1] 2014-11-08
Sweden SaSe Kim Hammar 2014-10-09 [1] 2014-11-08
Germany Lamia Manuel Mildenberger 2014-10-09 [1] 2014-11-08
Italy AceofSpades Cristian Lippa 2014-10-09 [1] 2014-11-08 mYinsanity
Portugal Lowell Joaquim Fitas 2014-??-?? 2014-11-08 mYinsanity

Temporary stand-ins
ID Name Replacing ID Name Tournament(s)
Switzerland SonicLeBeast   Rodney Anyani Kwaku
Sweden QuackNiix Dob Engström 2018 HGC Western Clash #1


At disbandment[edit]

Former Organization
ID Name Position
Germany Careion Jan Hoffmann Senior Manager
Germany Blumbi Markus Hanke Coach


Former Organization
ID Name Position
Canada Kalamalka Kurtis Lloyd Analyst





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