Garden Of Terror

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[e][h]Garden of Terror
Battleground Information
Release Date:
July 23, 2014
Main Objectives

Night Horrors Garden Terror File:Grave Golem Icon.png  File:Siege Giant Icon.png
Map Data
Mercenary camps:

Garden of Terror is a heroes battleground revolving around the Garden Terror. Players can collect seeds by killing Shamblers and Garden Terrors at night. When a team has accumulated 100 one player may gain control over a Garden Terror and use that to attack the opponent.

This battleground has three main lanes.

The players will find themselves fighting over seeds dropped by the Night Horrors.

Battle Ground Objectives[edit]

The main objective of the Garden of Horror revolves around collecting seeds in order to grow a Garden Terror and use it to destroy the opponents base.

Day Night Cycle[edit]

This map has a day-night cycle that plays a big role in the way the map is played. The game starts with daytime and at 1 minute night gets announced and a countdown timer starts (this is 30 seconds). At night four groups of Shamblers and two Garden Terrors spawn. It becomes daytime again when all of the night terrors are killed. The next night will always spawn 3 minutes and 20 seconds after the night ended, no matter if any garden terrors are being controlled.

Night Horrors[edit]

At night six groups of Night Horrors spawn. When attacked they drop seeds which can be collected in order to start growing your Garden Terror.

  • Two Garden Terrors spawn at the center. One on either side of the middle lane. These drop significantly more seeds than the Shamblers.
  • Two groups of three smaller horrors, called Shamblers, spawn on either side of Garden Terror.

Garden Terror[edit]

When a team has collected 100 seeds. A Garden Terror will start growing in their base, this takes about 15 seconds. When completed one player may take control of it and use it to attack. If no player takes control of it within 60 seconds the Garden Terror is lost. When a player takes control over a Garden Terror his own hero disappears and a 1:30 minute countdown timer appears. When the Garden Terror loses all its HP or when the timer runs out the Garden Terror disappears and the player in control reverts back to his hero.

While Garden Terror controlled by a player the Garden Terror has a set of three abilities. These make it very strong against the enemy structures.

Spore Queen's Curse
Ability: AOE
Affects: Enemies
After a short time, all enemies in the target area will turn into plant zombies for 3 seconds. They won't be able to use any abilities and their Movement Speed is slowed by 30%
Garden Terror Overgrowth
Affects: Enemy Structures
Spawn a Plant Overgrowth that disables all Structures, including the Core, in a large area as long as it is alive. Deals 70(+7 damage per minute) damage per second to Structures and rapidly kills Minions.
Ability: Buff
Affects: Self
Increase Movement Speed by 30% for 3 seconds.

Secondary Battlefield Objectives[edit]

Mercenary Camps[edit]

There are six mercenary camps on this map. This map does not have a Grave Golem. When either teams has a Garden Terror active all mercenary camps disappear won't be active until the Garden Terrors are dead, if a mercenary is attacked camp just before a Garden Terror spawns the mercenary camp will not disappear until it's either left or defeated.

The mercenaries in this map are split evenly, with no "middle" mercenaries and are placed in opposing sides with the placement being inverted

Siege Ogres[edit]

There are four Siege Orge camps. One is located just below the forward gate of the middle lane. The mirrored position in just above the forward gate of the opposing team to the right. They will push the middle lane when captured. The second pair is top left en bottom right. They will push the top and bottom lane respectively.


The Kights are located bottom left and top right. They will push the bottom and top lane respectively.