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Commentator Information
Daniel Na
September 3, 1989 (1989-09-03) (age 31)
Alternate IDs:
GGclef, Gclef89

Daniel "Gclef" Na is a Korean-American caster living in Seoul, South Korea. Born in September 3rd 1989 in Seoul, but moved to United States when he was 12. Started his professional casting career with @Artosis for one day of SuperLeague as a fill-in for proxywolf back in 2015. Gclef's knowledge about the Korean players and what newest meta / secret strategy from the community helped him get through the first casts but his real challenge started when


Gclef has been playing many different types of games starting from StarCraft original when he was around 9 years old. Mainly playing competetive FPS games later on around his highschool years, naturally put him into esports environment where he was playing CS:Source and SuddenAttack to pay for his tuition