Hanamura Temple

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[e][h]Hanamura Temple
Battleground Information
Release Date:
September 4, 2018
Map Data
Mercenary camps:

Hanamura Temple is a battleground from the Overwatch universe, introduced first in the Genji patch, but had to be reworked after some months of being released. It got reintroduced in the Mephisto patch in September of 2018.

Battleground objectives[edit]

  • Single Payload
    • At regular intervals, a payload spawns at the center of the battleground that can be contested by both teams.
  • Escort Payload
    • Stand next to the payload and move it to its destination. Prevent the enemy from trying to do the same.
  • Bombard your Enemy
    • Once a team escorts the payload to its destination, it will fire upon the enemy’s forts!