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Map/Heroes History[edit]

Is there any way to implement an autoupdated history page for heroes and maps where you can see last games played in that map or with these heroes and info about the match such as the teams, who won, picks and bans...

Something like this

Team Freedom departure[edit]

In the csgo wiki when a team leaves an org they usually list them as ex-X (ex-Freedom in this case) should we do that at least for player transfers? This way we can show that Nazmas and Yoda are out while the rest will still be together

^I have seperated Yoda and Nazmas now from the rest, to better indicate the issue, as new tweets were made. I think it looks clearer now, but I realy like your idea aswell. On my side there would be no problem, if you'd like to do it

I vote yes. Phoe nixx (talk) 11:48, 16 January 2019 (UTC)