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[e][h]Superawesome commentator
Commentator Information
Super Awesome
Common Team Role(s):
Solo Mid
Signature Hero:
Zagara Kerrigan Raynor

This template produces an Infobox on a player page.


These are the variables in the Player template:

  • id = Main ID
  • image = Picture
  • caption = caption
  • name = Real Name (If needed, use romanized_name for romanization)
  • romanized_name = Romanized Real Name
  • birth_date = {{Birth date and age|YYYY|MM|DD}}
  • country = Country
  • country2 = Secound country (If needed)
  • team = Current Team
  • ids = Alternative IDs
  • role = Common Team Role(s).
  • hero = Signature Hero 1
  • hero2 = Signature Hero 2
  • hero3 = Signature Hero 3
  • site = Player's Homepage
  • tlstream = Stream Name on TeamLiquid.net
  • twitch = Username on Twitch
  • own3d = Username on own3D.tv
  • stream = Link to stream (if not on Twitch or Own3D.tv)
  • youtube = YouTube Channel Name
  • twitter = Username on Twitter
  • facebook = Username on Facebook
  • weibo = User ID on Sina Weibo. u/3144657364 links to Jim or VICIgaming links to Vici Gaming
  • tencent = Username on Tencent Weibo. igaming links to igaming
  • gplus = Username on Google Plus
  • tlprofile = Username on TeamLiquid.net
  • reddit = Username on Reddit.com
  • fanclub = TeamLiquid.net Fanclub
  • playlist = A playlist of the music the person plays on stream

The following code was used to create the infobox on this page.


The following code was used to create the infobox on this page.

{{Infobox player
|id=Superawesome player
|country=United States

Copy / Paste

{{Infobox player
|birth_date= {{Birth date and age|YYYY|MM|DD}}