Tomb of the Spider Queen

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[e][h]Tomb of the Spider Queen
Battleground Information
Release Date:
March 24, 2015
Main Objectives

Map Data
Mercenary camps:

The long forgotten tombs of Luxoria have found a new master. Deep within their timeworn chambers, the Spider Queen Neithis stirs from her ancient slumber. Present her with the gems of power she seeks, and you may just escape with your lives.

Battle Ground Objectives[edit]

  • Collect Gems
    • Enemy spider minions and Heroes drop magical gems upon death. Gather as many as you can!
  • Turn in Gems
    • Relinquish your gems at one of the Spider Queen’s altars or you will drop them all when you die!
  • Summon Webweavers
    • Whichever team turns in enough gems first will unleash the Webweavers to destroy their enemy’s defenses.

Secondary Battlefield Objectives[edit]

Mercenary Camps[edit]

There are four mercenary camps on Tomb of the Spider Queen with each team having one camp located near their base and another camp located at both the Northern and Southernmost points on the map.

Siege Giants[edit]

The siege giants on Tomb of the Spider Queen are located at the bottom, southernmost point on the map. The entrance is also shrouded by fog which allows the opportunity for ganks to be set up by either team.

Bruisers (Knights)[edit]

The bruisers are located strategically behind the first wall of both the red and blue team's defenses. The bruisers can be accessed without passing through these walls, however doing so as part of the enemy team leaves you at risk for ganking from several fronts with no quick way to safety unless you can Hearthstone (B) out.


The golem is located at the northernmost point on Tomb of the Spider Queen. Much like on the maps Sky Temple and Blackheart's Bay, Blizzard designed the golem to be located within a narrow chokepoint entrance on both sides. The Tomb of the Spider Queen golem and it's Sky Temple counterpart are often referred to as "the throw pit" by players due to the risky nature of securing the golem without a numbers advantage.