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Player Information
Tim Frazier
April 6, 1989 (age 35)
North America North America
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Tim "Trikslyr" Frazier is a 'streamer' on twitch. He is mostly known from his time as Associate Community Manager for Heroes of the Storm. Tim Tim Timothy also casted the European division of the Heroes Global Championship. Now, he struggles to climb out of Silver in League of Legends on his Twitch channel and hasn't beaten a single player game in 5 years.


  • Claims to be the "Best Artanis NA" on his Twitter account.
  • He's a nepobaby, as his dad is the owner of Microsoft
  • He was responsible for all the Developer Insights on the game's official site.
  • Trik lost to his favorite viewer in Hearthstone Battlegrounds, twice, and has never played it again
  • Enjoyed playing Murky during the Brawl with the Blues sessions, for which he was responsible.
  • Has broken at least 3 beds that we know of
  • Prefers Illidan's The Hunt over Metamorphosis; his Youtube channel even has a picture of Illidan about to cast the former.
  • Due to his old age, he now prefers games with little to no action. Games like Far Cry 5 are just too "hectic" for him
  • Trik killed Miranda, Zaeed, Jack, Legion and Thane in Mass Effect 2... yikes
  • Tim likes Taco Bell over Chipotle