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Player Information
Juan Moreno Durán
September 10, 1993 (1993-09-10) (age 29)
Approx. Total Earnings:
Common Team Role(s):
2014-08-15 - 2015-03-24
2015-03-24 - 2016-01-13
2017-06-18 - 2018-04-15

Juan "VortiX" Moreno Durán is a competitive Heroes of the Storm player from Spain. He was active in Warcraft III and Starcraft II before switching to Heroes, and he is the younger brother of LucifroN, another Spanish progamer. Lastly he played on Bushido eSports, a team created by his brother "Ryo" in 2017.


Playing WarCraft III as Undead and despite being very young, VortiX managed to qualify for ESWC 2010 world finals and Blizzcon European Regional Finals 2009. In StarCraft II, he was considered one of the best non-Korean Zerg players. He won offline tournaments such as Thor Open 2012 in Sweden and made very good performances in the WCS Europe Premier League, reaching consistently the final stages in every season. He also won several online tournaments.

He switched from StarCraft II to Heroes of the Storm on August 2014, during the Alpha phase of the game and went on to form team El NeXo, which would later be acquired by Team Liquid, team for which he competed for almost a year. In this period, Team Liquid obtained several podiums, most notably they won three Dreamhack championships and finished second in another one, and they won the WCA europe.

In 13th January 2016, Despite being one of the most notable players in the European scene and being an important part of one of the best teams he decided to quit Heroes of the Storm citing lack of interest for the game and went back to play Starcraft II for Team Liquid.[1]


  • He played Undead in WarCraft III.
  • He played Zerg in StarCraft II for mousesports and Millenium.
  • Had the most consecutive top 16 finishes in the WCS Europe or WCS America Premier Leagues before the WCS unification in 2015.
  • He is the brother of the progamer LucifroN.
  • He studies computer science.
  • Can solve a Rubik's Cube in under 30 seconds.
  • Is a Real Madrid fan despite the Duran family living in Barcelona.


Date Placement Tier Tournament Team Result Prize
2015-11-27 A22nd A2Tier 2 DreamHack DreamHack All-Stars - Winter Clash 2015 Team LiquidTeam Liquid 1 : 3 FnaticFnatic $ 7,500
2015-11-19 A11st A3Tier 3 Fragbite Masters Fragbite Masters Heroes of the Storm Tournament Team LiquidTeam Liquid 3 : 2 FnaticFnatic $ 4,700
2015-10-03 A55 - 6th A1Tier 1 Heroes of the Storm World Championship 2015 HWC - Europe Championship Team LiquidTeam Liquid 1 : 2 Team DignitasTeam Dignitas $ 3,000
2015-08-23 A11st A2Tier 2 Heroes of the Storm World Championship 2015 HWC - August Europe Open Team LiquidTeam Liquid 2 : 1 Bob Question MarkBob Question Mark $ 8,500
2015-08-09 A11st A2Tier 2 World Cyber Arena WCA 2015 - Europe Pro Qualifier Team LiquidTeam Liquid 2 : 0 FnaticFnatic $ 10,838
2015-07-16 A11st A2Tier 2 DreamHack Turtle Beach DreamHack All-Stars - Valencia 2015 Team LiquidTeam Liquid 3 : 0 Natus VincereNatus Vincere $ 7,500
2015-06-14 A11st A2Tier 2 DreamHack Turtle Beach DreamHack All-Stars - Summer 2015 Team LiquidTeam Liquid 3 : 0 Gamers2Gamers2 $ 5,000
2015-06-07 A11st A3Tier 3 Enter The Storm Enter The Storm - Europe Cup #2 Team LiquidTeam Liquid 3 : 0 Gamers2Gamers2 $ 3,000
2015-04-26 A11st A2Tier 2 DreamHack PGL Spring Champions of the Storm 2015 Team LiquidTeam Liquid 3 : 1 Gamers2Gamers2 $ 5,500
2015-04-12 A11st A3Tier 3 Enter The Storm Enter The Storm - Europe Cup #1 Team LiquidTeam Liquid 3 : 0 Gamers2Gamers2 $ 2,000
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