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Bigfafa: Coaching

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Detailed Results[edit]

2020-10-099th - 12thA1S-Tier2020 World ChampionshipWorld ChampionshipsWorld Championships2020 World ChampionshipPSG TalonPSG TalonPSG Talon2/4Grp S.$55,625
2020-08-302ndA2A-TierPCS Summer 2020PCSPCSPCS Summer 2020PSG TalonPSG TalonPSG Talon0 : 3Machi EsportsMachi Esports$14,000
2020-05-301stA2A-TierMid-Season Showdown 2020Mid-Season Showdown 2020Talon EsportsTalon EsportsTalon Esports3 : 1Team FlashTeam Flash 
2020-05-031stA2A-TierPCS Spring 2020PCSPCSPCS Spring 2020Talon EsportsTalon EsportsTalon Esports3 : 2Machi EsportsMachi Esports$30,000
2019-08-291stA2A-TierCK Summer 2019CKCKCK Summer 2019Team DynamicsTeam DynamicsTeam Dynamics11/3Grp S.$16,440
2019-05-0510thA1S-TierMid-Season Invitational 2019Mid-Season InvitationalMid-Season InvitationalMid-Season Invitational 2019MEGA EsportsMEGA EsportsMEGA Esports2/4Grp S.$12,500
2019-04-211stA2A-TierLST Spring 2019LSTLSTLST Spring 2019MEGA EsportsMEGA EsportsMEGA Esports3 : 0Team EmpireTeam Empire$30,000
2019-04-071stA3B-TierLST Spring 2019 Thailand National MinorLSTLSTLST Spring 2019 Thailand National MinorMEGA EsportsMEGA EsportsMEGA Esports2 : 1DeToNatorDeToNator$5,000
2019-04-061st - 4thA8QualifierLST Spring 2019 Thailand National QualifierLSTLSTLST Spring 2019 Thailand National QualifierMEGA EsportsMEGA EsportsMEGA Esports4/0Grp S.