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[e][h]Barça eSportsBarça eSports Dreedy
Player Information
Jakub Viceník
December 10, 2000 (age 21)
Approx. Total Winnings:
Signature Champions:
Camille Gnar
2018-09-20 — 2018-09-27
2019-02-04 — 2019-05-12
2019-05-15 — 2019-06-05
2019-06-16 — 2020-01-02
2020-01-25 — 2020-05-07
2020-06-11 — 2020-09-12
2020-10-08 — 2020-11-25
2021-01-08 — 2021-12-10
2021-12-10 — Present
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Jakub "Dreedy" Viceník (born December 10, 2000) is a Czech player who is currently playing as a Toplaner for Barça eSports.


2022-03-24CA3rdA3B-TierLVP Superliga Spring 2022LVP Superliga OrangeLVP Superliga OrangeLVP Superliga Spring 2022Barça eSportsBarça eSportsBarça eSports0 : 3BISONS ECLUBBISONS ECLUB 
2021-09-11EC5 - 8thA2A-TierEuropean Masters Summer 2021European MastersEuropean MastersEuropean Masters Summer 2021UCAM Esports ClubUCAM Esports ClubUCAM Esports Club0 : 3Karmine CorpKarmine Corp$9,390
2021-08-12BA2ndA3B-TierSuperLiga Season 21LVP Superliga OrangeLVP Superliga OrangeSuperLiga Season 21UCAM Esports ClubUCAM Esports ClubUCAM Esports Club1 : 3Vodafone GiantsVodafone Giants 
2021-05-01CA3 - 4thA2A-TierEuropean Masters Spring 2021European MastersEuropean MastersEuropean Masters Spring 2021UCAM Esports ClubUCAM Esports ClubUCAM Esports Club1 : 2Karmine CorpKarmine Corp$16,236
2021-03-25AA1stA3B-TierSuperLiga Season 20LVP Superliga OrangeLVP Superliga OrangeSuperLiga Season 20UCAM Esports ClubUCAM Esports ClubUCAM Esports Club3 : 0Cream Real BetisCream Real Betis 
2020-08-06EA5 - 6thA3B-TierNLC Summer 2020Northern League of Legends ChampionshipNorthern League of Legends ChampionshipNLC Summer 2020Barrage EsportsBarrage EsportsBarrage Esports0 : 2Riddle EsportsRiddle Esports$3,453
2020-03-29CA3rdA3B-TierHitpoint Masters Season 13hitpoint mastersHitpoint Masters Season 13Team SAMPITeam SAMPITeam SAMPI3 : 0Inside GamesInside Games$553
2019-08-31BA2ndA3B-TierLPLOL Split 2 2019LPLOLLPLOLLPLOL Split 2 2019Electronik GenerationElectronik GenerationElectronik Generation1 : 3For The Win EsportsFor The Win Esports$3,319
2019-03-24AA1stA3B-TierHitpoint Masters Season 11hitpoint mastersHitpoint Masters Season 11AS Trenčín eSportsAS Trenčín eSportsAS Trenčín eSports3 : 1eSubaeSuba$1,330
2018-08-26BA2ndA3B-TierHitpoint Masters Season 10hitpoint mastersHitpoint Masters Season 10Inside GamesInside GamesInside Games0 : 3eSubaeSuba$898
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