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Evil Geniuses: History

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Evil Geniuses entered League of Legends with the signing of Counter Logic Gaming Europe, which would see Snoopeh, Froggen, Wickd, Yellowpete and Krepo join. During their time in Europe, Evil Geniuses managed to finish Third in the EU LCS Spring 2013 Season and 4th in the EU LCS Summer 2013 Season.

The team eventually announced that they would be moving to North America, which would result in them acquiring the Spring Promotion slot from Velocity eSports. They qualified with ease, beating Determined Gaming in their qualification game in 3-0 fashion, qualifying them for the NA LCS 2014 Spring Split. With the qualification came changes, with InnoX and Pobelter joining the team as the first 2 North American players.


The NA LCS 2014 Spring Split proved to be a rough start for Evil Geniuses, as they won only 8 out of their 28 games, resulting in them having to play in the 2014 Summer Promotion tournament. Despite their poor LCS season, they edged out on Cloud9 Tempest with a 3-1 win, guaranteeing them another split at the top.

Snoopeh and Yellowpete would make their way out of the team following the spring season, with Helios and Altec stepping in to take their positions. The change would prove to be fairly unimpactful, as EG would once again finish 7th, this time with a 11-17 record.


In 2015, Evil Geniuses announced that they have sold their LCS slot to Winterfox, resulting in the organization's exit from League of Legends.


Evil Geniuses has returned to the NA LCS, where they were able to return by acquiring the Echo Fox roster slot. The organization instantly tried making it to the top by signing Cloud9 duo Svenskeren and Zeyzal, Cloud9 Academy player Kumo, 100 Thieves AD Carry Bang and Team Vitality midlaner Jiizuke.


The strong new Evil Geniuses roster required time to gel together, as they'd end up with a 2-4 record 3 weeks in. Steady improvement was shown, with the team qualifying for playoffs with a 10-8 record, edging out over 100 Thieves. They would go on to defeat FlyQuest in the semi-finals, before falling 1-3 to the same team in the loser bracket finals, placing 3rd in their first split back to the LCS.

On May 29, Evil Geniuses announced their first roster change, as Huni would be joining from Team Dignitas, but his debut has to wait due to LCS import regulations blocking them from fielding another import alongside Jiizuke and Bang. Later in the season we would see Goldenglue join the team, resulting in Huni and Goldenglue becoming starters in place of Kumo and Jiizuke. The team would make the upper bracket of summer playoffs, where they lost 2-3 against FlyQuest and eventually lost 3-0 against Cloud9, making an end to their 2020 season.


Heading into the 2021 season, Evil Geniuses entered a rebuild phase with their roster. Huni was sold to TSM, Bang returned to Korea to join Afreeca Freecs and Kumo, Goldenglue and Zeyzal permanently left the team. Left on the roster are Svenskeren and Jiizuke, who are joined by Impact, Deftly and IgNar for the 2021 season. After topping their Lock-In group with a 3-1 record, Evil Geniuses beat Golden Guardians but eventually fell 3-0 against Team Liquid to place top 4 at the Lock-In tournament. TSM would then eliminate them in the LCS 2021 Spring playoffs in a 4-game series.

Ahead of summer, Evil Geniuses promoted Evil Geniuses Prodigies member Danny to the starting roster, replacing Deftly. They would go on to finish third in the regular season, with a 28-17 record. In playoffs, Evil Geniuses beat Dignitas before falling against 100 Thieves and Cloud9 to place 5-6th in their final tournament of the year. Danny received the Rookie of the year award for his impressive performance in his debut split.


Building on their potential from Summer 2021, Evil Geniuses promoted academy midlaner Jojopyun to replace Jiizuke, while Vulcan was acquired from Cloud9 to replace Svenskeren. Joining the team as the new jungler is the Polish Inspired, who previously competed on Rogue in Europe. With only two members remaining from the Summer 2021 roster, Evil Geniuses turned heads in the 2022 Lock-In tournament, going undefeated in their group and sweeping Golden Guardians and Cloud9 in playoffs. Evil Geniuses would meet Team Liquid in the finals, who would go on to sweep them.

Evil Geniuses was now seen as one of the better teams in the league, but they would find themselves in 8th place after 3 weeks. The team would go on to do much better in the second half of the split, ending in 4th place with a 9-9 record to secure an upper bracket slot in playoffs. They were narrowly beat by Team Liquid in a 5-game series, knocking EG down to the loser bracket. From here, they would go on to beat FlyQuest 3-1, Cloud9 3-0, Team Liquid 3-0 and eventually 100 Thieves 3-0 in the grand finals to become the 5th team ever to win an LCS championship. It also handed them the North American slot at MSI 2022.