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GAM Esports

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[e][h]GAM Esports
Team Information
Linh, Tinikun
Total Earnings:

Marines Esports also known as GIGABYTE Marines for sponsorship reasons, is a Vietnamese professional gaming organization.


2014 Season[edit]

In May 2014, Tt Esport and Boba Net form Team Miracle, they competed in 2014 Vietnam Championship Series A Summer under the name Tt Miracle Boba. When the first round of Group Stage ended, they had 3 draws and 4 losses, stood at 8th place of 8 participants. Before the second round, the captain of Season 2 World Championship's participant Saigon Jokers, Junie joined the team and not only help them to avoid relegated but also nearly get the ticket to playoffs round.

2015 Season[edit]

After season 4, three well-known players of Vietnam, Archie, QTV and GoNy left Saigon Jokers to reunite with Junie and Navy at Team Miracle. That roster is known as Vietnam's dream team, and they decided to rename to Boba Marines with the ambition to overthrow Saigon Jokers and begin a new era. But they fail to qualify for 2015 GPL Spring and had to struggle at the beginning of 2015 Vietnam Championship Series A Spring, Navy was lacking teamwork and decided to leave. Marines had many trials with players and finished at 3rd place, qualifying for 2015 GPL Summer. At mid season, they had Optimus join from 2015 GPL Spring's winner Saigon Fantastic Five, then they won the VCSA Summer Split, but again failed to win GPL.

2016 Season[edit]

Except the minor tounament, 2016 King of SEA, Boba Marines had not gain any achievement in season 6. They finished 3rd place in 2016 Vietnam Championship Series A Spring, and 4th in 2016 Mountain Dew Championship Series Summer. From 2016, GPL also changed structure, allowing only the champions from SEA countries to play in the tournament, making the Marines unable to compete in another season of GPL.

2017 Spring[edit]

After a disappointing season, Boba Marines decided to release its entire roster except for Optimus and Archie. With new sponsors, GIGABYTE and Adonis Icyber Gaming, the team renamed to Marines Esports, and got good new players, especially All-Star Barcelona 2016 Jungler for GPL Team, Levi. They then won 2017 Mountain Dew Championship Series Spring and GPL 2017 Spring with no loss match, qualifying them for the 2017 Mid-Season Invitational. The Marines gained a lot of notoriety after their impressive run at the 2017 Mid-Season Invitational, after losing a really close best-of-5 series to Team SoloMid in the Play-In Stage and also upsetting teams like Team WE and G2 Esports (which ended up placing second in the tournament) in the Group Stage.

2017 Summer[edit]

They then won the 2017 Mountain Dew Championship Series Summer beating Young Generation 3-0, which gave them a seeded place the GPL/2017_Season/Summer going directly into the BO5 stage of the competition which they win in dominant fashion going undefeated.

At the 2017 Season World Championship the Marines were drawn into Group B with Longzhu Gaming, Immortals and Fnatic, who had lost a game to Young Generation in the Play-In stage. With a 2-4 record the Marines tied with Immortals and Fnatic, due to their faster game time they played the winner of the Immortals vs Fnatic tiebreaker, Fnatic beat the Marines to eliminate them from the tournament.

2018 Roster Instability[edit]

During the spring preseason Levi, Optimus and Nevan all left the team, although Nevan would rejoin during the Spring Season. Joining the team would be Zeros, KrissKyle, EasyLove (who would leave before the end of the split), Sena (who would leave after just two matches), Ciel and Petland. The Team would play a worldwide record 11 players in one split which would be tied in 2019 by Misfits Gaming.

In the Summer preseason KrissKyle, Ciel, Zeros and Sya would leave the team and Nevan would retire. Replacing them would be Blazes, Zin, Tear, Bara, Calm and Kiaya alongside Hope and Iris as analysis who would be joined during the Summer Season by a returning Ciel now as an analyst.

During the Summer Season Zin and Zeroday would leave on loans and Bara and Calm would leave permanently.

2018 Spring[edit]

Due to roster instability and losing key players the Marines couldn't repeat their 2017 performance placing 3rd in the VCS Spring Season and losing the Summer Playoffs in a 5 game series to EVOS Esports.

2018 Summer[edit]

The Marines rebranded from GIGABYTE Marines to GAM Esports.

Further widescale changes again caused the performance of GAM to get worse, finishing 5th in the VCS Summer Season and missing playoffs for the first time since 2014.

2019 Preseason[edit]

Again GAM Esports would make widescale changes in the coaching roles; Archie would become headcoach and Tinikun became general manager. However this change would not last until the VCS Spring Season with Tinikun returning to the head coach role. Hyena and Ciel would also leave their coaching roles.

The players who left were Petland, Noway and Tear. The players joining were Police and Yin along with Sya re-joining.

2019 Spring[edit]

During the VCS Spring Season, Yoshino and Milano would join, and Hope and Sya would leave.

Again roster instability and consistent changes would limit GAM Esports to 5th place with a 6-8 record.

2019 Mid-split Roster Changes[edit]

Archie would retire and Police, Milano, and Yin would all leave, Spot would also be suspended. Levi would rejoin as the highest payed player in the VCS. Zin, Slay and Zeros would also re-join the team. Zeros would be suspended for the first 3 weeks of the split. Cacon, Hieu3 and Minas would all join.

The coaching changes again changed Tinikun's headcoach role, he was replaced by Yuna (previously Safety), Arik also joined as Team manager.

2019 Summer[edit]

Despite the repeated preseason changes GAM Esports were able to maintain a stable roster allowing the teams 11-3 1st place finish in the VCS Summer Season.

GAM Esports would secure a place in the 2019 Season World Championship Main Event with an undefeated Playoffs victory against Lowkey Esports and Team Flash.


Player Roster[edit]


Active Squad
ID Name Position Join Date
Vietnam Dia1 Lê Phú Quý Mid 2020-01-05[15]
Vietnam Levi Đỗ Duy Khánh Jungle 2019-05-15[29]
Vietnam Kiaya Trần Duy Sang Top 2018-05-31[15]
Vietnam Blazes Đỗ Đình Sang ADC 2018-05-21[15]
Vietnam EasyLove Hứa Thành An ADC 2020-01-05
Vietnam Pallete Nguyễn Hải Trung Support 2020-01-05
ID Name Position Join Date
Vietnam Hieu3 Ngô Minh Hiếu Support 2019-05-31[15]
Vietnam Slay Nguyễn Ngọc Hùng Support 2019-05-28[27]


Former Players
ID Name Position Join Date Leave Date New Team
Vietnam Zeros Phạm Minh Lộc Top 2019-05-31[18] 2020-05-21[31] EVOS Esports
Vietnam Sya Phan Trung Toàn Support 2018-11-30[25] 2019-02-?? FTV Esports
Vietnam NoWay Nguyễn Vũ Long ADC 2017-05-25[4] 2018-12-08[27]
Vietnam Petland Võ Huỳnh Quang Huy Mid 2018-02-28[11] 2018-12-04[26] EVOS Esports
Vietnam Zeroday Đoàn Minh Trung Mid 2017-12-25 2018-11-05[24] Cherry Esports
Vietnam Zin Nguyễn Tuấn Thọ ADC 2018-05-21[15] 2018-11-05[24] Cherry Esports
Vietnam Tear Nguyễn Chiến Thắng Support 2018-05-22[16] 2018-11-?? Vikings Gaming
Vietnam Archie Trần Minh Nhựt Support 2016-12-19[1] 2018-10-08[23] GAM Esports
Vietnam Calm Đinh Trọng Quyết Top 2018-05-21[15] 2018-09-18[22] Vikings Gaming
Vietnam Bara Lê Hà Bảo Anh Jungle 2018-05-25[18] 2018-07-31[21] Cherry Gaming
Vietnam Ciel Trần Tiến Thịnh Jungle 2018-01-30 2018-05-25[18]
Vietnam Kriss Kyle Nguyễn Hữu Phúc Jungle 2018-01-10 2018-05-25[18]
Vietnam Zeros Phạm Minh Lộc Top 2017-12-14 2018-05-13[14] Young Generation
Vietnam Nevan Phùng Thiện Nhân Top 2018-02-28[11] 2018-05-02[13]
Vietnam Sya Phan Trung Toàn Support 2017-06-28 2018-04-25[12] Friends Forever QTV Gaming
Vietnam Easylove Hứa Thành An ADC 2018-01-10[8] 2018-03-07 Hall of Fame
Vietnam Sena Trương Tuấn Tú Jungle 2018-01-30[9] 2018-02-28[11] FTV Esports
Vietnam Levi Đỗ Duy Khánh Jungle 2016-12-19[1] 2017-12-26[7] 100 Thieves Academy
Vietnam Nevan Phùng Thiện Nhân Top 2017-05-25[4] 2017-12-14 Hall of Fame
Vietnam Optimus Trần Văn Cường Mid 2016-12-19[1] 2017-10-16[6]
Vietnam Sergh Liêu Nam Lộc Support 2016-12-19 2017-07-25[5] Friends Forever QTV Gaming
Vietnam Slay Nguyễn Ngọc Hùng ADC 2016-12-19[1] 2017-05-23[3] Cherry Gaming
Vietnam Stark Phan Công Minh Top 2017-03-08 2017-05-22[2] EVOS Esports
Vietnam Ren Nguyễn Văn Trọng Top 2016-12-19[1] 2017-03-06 Cherry Gaming



ID Name Position Join Date
Vietnam Yuna Huỳnh Văn Tân Head Coach 2019-05-31
Vietnam Tinikun Dương Nguyễn Duy Thanh Co-Owner & Assistant Coach 2016-12-19
Vietnam Linh Đặng Tuấn Linh Manager 2016-12-19
Vietnam Iris Hồ Minh Triệu Analyst 2018-05-22


Former Organization
ID Name Position Join Date Leave Date New Organization
Vietnam Archie Trần Minh Nhựt Head Coach 2018-10-09[23] 2019-02-28[28] GAM Esports


Date Placement Tier Tournament Results Prize
2020-04-18 A22nd A2Major VCS VCS Spring 2020 2 : 3 $8,573
2019-10-17 B313 - 16th A1Premier World Championship 2019 World Championship 1/-/5 Grp. S. $27,813
2019-09-14 A11st A2Major VCS VCS Summer 2019 3 : 0 $17,027
2019-03-24 A55th A2Major VCS VCS Spring 2019 6/-/8 Grp. S. $4,307
2018-07-07 A33rd A1Premier Rift Rivals Rift Rivals 2018: LCL vs TCL vs VCS 1 : 3 $4,000
2018-04-07 A22nd A2Major VCS VCS Spring 2018 2 : 3 $8,800
2017-10-12 A99 - 11th A1Premier World Championship 2017 World Championship 2/-/5 Grp. S. $103,424
2017-08-13 A11st A3Minor VCS VCS A Summer 2017 3 : 0 $11,000
2017-05-14 A66th A1Premier Mid-Season Invitational Mid-Season Invitational 2017 3/-/7 Grp. S. $84,500
2017-04-02 A11st A3Minor VCS VCS A Spring 2017 3 : 0 $10,782
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Recent Matches[edit]

DateTimeTierTournamentScoreVs. Team
2020-07-0313:00 UTCA2MajorVCS Summer 2020 - Week 3VCS Summer 2020 - Week 32 : 1 SGB
2020-06-2710:00 UTCA2MajorVCS Summer 2020 - Week 2VCS Summer 2020 - Week 20 : 2 PER
2020-06-2610:00 UTCA2MajorVCS Summer 2020 - Week 2VCS Summer 2020 - Week 22 : 1 OPG
2020-06-2013:00 UTCA2MajorVCS Summer 2020 - Week 1VCS Summer 2020 - Week 12 : 1 EVS
2020-05-2813:00 UTCA2MajorMid-Season Showdown 2020 - Day 2Mid-Season Showdown 2020 - Day 20 : 1 MCX
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Highlight Videos[edit]

Match Highlight Videos[edit]


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