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Team Information
Total Earnings:
: 2009-11-01
: 2014-05-19
Upcoming Matches
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Infinity (formerly stylized as Infinity Esports) is a Costa Rican esports organization. The team currently competes under the name Gillette Infinity due to a sponsorship deal with Gillete.


Infinity Esports made their debut in the Latin American Riot Open 2016 Closing Tournament, winning the event after going 7-0 in the group stage. With a first place at this event, Infinity Esports qualified for the 2016 CDL Closing Season, Latin America's second division. The roster, consisting of ANti, Wikko, Xuradel, GeneralMint and Choisix, managed to once again win the event, going 5/4/0 in the group stage, before beating Exeltec Predators in the grand finals. This resulted in an invitation for the LLN 2017 Opening Promotion Tournament, where they beat Brawl Esports in a clean sweep to qualify for the LLN 2017 Opening Season.

Despite their dominance in the second division, most of Infinity Esports' roster parted ways with the organisation. The new roster consisted of Eledion, Wikko, Cotopaco, Peluchin, Akari and Gralou. Despite their good start in the first week of the season, beating Dash9 Gaming and Just Toys Havoks, the team eventually failed to qualify for playoffs after not winning any of their games after week 4. They placed 5th, ending on a 4/5/5 record. In an effort to improve on their first split, Relic, Leozuxo, Zelt, Diesel and Baula joined the team for hte LLN 2017 Closing Season. By staying consistent throughout the regular season, Infinity Esports qualified for playoffs and faced Predators eSports in the semi-finals. They won this game 3-1, but fell 0-3 against Lyon Gaming in the grand finals, finishing second and missing out on Worlds 2017.

Infinity Esports made just 2 changes heading into the LLN 2018 Opening Split. SolidSnake and Fuzzy joined the team, replacing Leozuxo and Diesel. This roster once again placed second, losing against Rainbow7 in a 1-3 fashion. In an effort to finally win the title, Baula was replaced by Arce ahead of the 2018 LLN Closing Season, making the roster 3/5ths Peruvian. They ended the regular season in 3rd place with a 9/-/5 record, but managed to win against 6Sense, Predators eSports and Dash9 Gaming to win their first LLN title and secure a slot at Worlds 2018. After going 2/-/2 in the group stage, splitting games with both EDward Gaming and Dire Wolves, they were matched up against G2 Esports. Despite winning the first game, they eventually lost 1-3 and G2 Esports went on to become semi-finalists at the event.

In 2019, the roster remained the same to build on their 2018 success. With a 17/-/4 record in the regular season, they were seen as one of the favourites, but Infinity Esports lost against Rainbow7 in the semi-finals to finish in 3-4th place. In the 2019 Closing Split, Infinity Esports went 10/-/11 in the regular season, placing 4th. In playoffs, they beat Rainbow7 in a 3-0 fashion before losing 1-3 against All Knights, ending their season early. For the 2020 Opening Season, Infinity Esports rebuilt their entire roster around SolidSnake and Cotopaco, with Straight, WhiteLotus and Genthix joining the team. This team did well in the regular season, ending with a 10/-/4 record, but ended the second phase with a 2/-/2 record and lost against Isurus in playoffs. Despite that, the roster stuck together, placing 5th after being eliminated in the second phase of the group stage.

Ahead of the 2021 LLA season, Infinity Esports once again rebuilt their roster, this time around SolidSnake and WhiteLotus. They signed an experienced player in Buggax, while also acquiring the less experienced Cody and Ackerman. They performed well in the regular season, and qualified for the playoffs as the second seed. This is where they beat All Knights 3-1, and Furious Gaming 3-2, to win another LLA title. At MSI 2021, the team placed last in their group with just a single win, taking a single game from the Japanese DetonatioN FocusMe. After sticking together for the 2021 Closing Season, Infinity Esports secured a first seed in playoffs. After beating Estral Esports in a 5-game match, they qualified for Worlds 2021 as the LLA representative.


  • January 5th - The previous roster disbands. Bottom MegaK is announced as a new player.[2]
  • March 15th - MegaK leaves to join DnH Advance.

Player Roster[edit]


Active Squad
ID Name Position Join Date
Peru SolidSnake Diego Vallejo Jungle 2017-11-13 [21]
Chile Cody Cristian Sebastián Quispe Yampara Mid 2020-12-16 [46]
Argentina Ackerman Gabriel Aparicio Support 2020-12-16 [46]
ID Name Position Join Date
Peru Brayaron Brayan Pereda Top 2021-07-03 [53]
Chile Kz Nicolás Daniel Gutiérrez Vera Bot 2020-12-16 [46]


Former Players
ID Name Position Join Date Leave Date New Team
Costa Rica MegaK Esteban Matamoros Bot 2015-01-05[2] 2015-03-15 DnH AdvanceDnH Advance DnH Advance
Honduras EternityBeast Walter William Haylock Top 2014-05-19[1] 2015-01-05[2]
Honduras Status Bryan Hernandez Perez Jungle 2014-05-19[1] 2015-01-05[2]
Honduras Dante Bryan Reyes Mid 2014-05-19[1] 2015-01-05[2]
El Salvador Gun Francisco Castaños Bot 2014-05-19[1] 2015-01-05[2]
Costa Rica ChEpO Héctor Aguilar Fernández Support 2014-05-19[1] 2015-01-05[2]
Former Players
ID Name Position Join Date Leave Date New Team
Puerto Rico Anti Edward Rosario Top 2016-06-17[4] 2016-12-29[7] FuegoFuego Fuego
Nicaragua Xuradel Luis Escobar Mid 2016-04-23[3] 2016-12-29[7] 6Sense6Sense 6Sense
Costa Rica Choisix Steven Cordero Support 2016-06-17[4] 2016-12-24[6] Predators eSportsPredators eSports Predators eSports
Former Players
ID Name Position Join Date Leave Date New Team
Mexico Fearless Álvaro Menéndez Top 2016-04-23[3] 2016-06-17[4]
Costa Rica Okazuki Jorge Arias Jungle 2016-04-23[3] 2016-06-17[4]
Costa Rica MegaK Esteban Matamoros Bot 2016-04-23[3] 2016-06-17[4] DnH AdvanceDnH Advance DnH Advance
Costa Rica Baula Alejandro Serrano Support 2016-04-23[3] 2016-06-17[4] Infinity eSportsInfinity eSports Infinity eSports
Former Players
ID Name Position Join Date Leave Date New Team
Colombia Zelt Jairo Urbina Mid 2017-05-18[11] 2017-11-12[19] 6Sense6Sense 6Sense
Mexico Peluchin Roberto Ponce Bot 2016-06-17[4] 2017-09-26[16] Predators eSportsPredators eSports Predators eSports
Brazil Leozuxo Leonardo Camícia Jungle 2017-05-20[13] 2017-09-21[15] Rebirth eSportsRebirth eSports Rebirth eSports
Mexico Akari Carlos Calderón Bot 2016-12-29[7] 2017-05-22[14] Infinity eSportsInfinity eSports Infinity eSports
Spain Gralou Emanuel Trasande Support 2016-12-29[7] 2017-05-15[10] Zaga Talent GamingZaga Talent Gaming Zaga Talent Gaming
Spain Eledion Daniel Nogueras Top 2016-12-10[5] 2017-05-15[9] Miracle GamingMiracle Gaming Miracle Gaming
Colombia Wikko Andrés Legarda Jungle 2016-06-17[4] 2017-04-22[8] Gaming GamingGaming Gaming Gaming Gaming
Former Players
ID Name Position Join Date Leave Date New Team
Mexico ottovaG Omar Gavotto Bot 2018-05-29[25] 2018-11-23[26] Cream Esports MexicoCream Esports Mexico Cream Esports Mexico
Mexico Yurén Eric Ávila Bot 2017-12-19 2018-05-07
Costa Rica Baula Alejandro Serrano Support 2017-05-17 2018-05-05[23] Predators eSportsPredators eSports Predators eSports
Former Players
ID Name Position Join Date Leave Date New Team
Peru Renyu Renato Gallegos Bot 2017-11-13 2019-12-05 [33] Rainbow7Rainbow7 Rainbow7
Venezuela Relic José Pombo Top 2017-05-20 [12] 2019-11-20 [30]
Colombia Cotopaco Sergio Silva Mid 2016-12-29[7] 2019-11-20 [31] Infinity EsportsInfinity Esports Infinity Esports
Former Players
ID Name Position Join Date Leave Date New Team
Argentina Genthix Mariano Polonsky Support 2019-12-10 [34] 2020-10-19 [45] Undead GamingUndead Gaming Undead Gaming
Ecuador Straight Roberto Guallichico Top 2019-05-09 [29] 2020-10-15 [44] All KnightsAll Knights All Knights
Colombia Cotopaco Sergio Silva Mid 2019-11-21 [32] 2020-09-30 [43] Kaos Latin GamersKaos Latin Gamers Kaos Latin Gamers
Peru Arce Diego Arce Chang Support 2018-05-27 [24] 2020-01-?? Infinity AcademyInfinity Academy Infinity Academy
Costa Rica Choisix Stiven Cordero Support 2018-11-24 [27] 2020-01-?? Isurus AcademyIsurus Academy Isurus Academy
Former Players
ID Name Position Join Date Leave Date New Team
Uruguay Buggax Mateo Alejandro Aroztegui Zamora Top 2020-12-16 [46] 2021-11-19 [54]
Argentina WhiteLotus Matías Musso Bot 2019-12-10 [34] 2021-11-19 [55]



ID Name Position Join Date
Costa Rica Monrrow Paul Venegas Founder/Owner 2009-11-01
Argentina Cobra Arnaldo Verolez Manager 2020-12-30 [47]
Brazil Von Gabriel Barbosa Head Coach 2020-12-30 [49]
El Salvador Snok Roberto Coello Analyst 2020-12-30 [50]


Former Organization
ID Name Position Join Date Leave Date New Organization
United States DFTBA Cody Gerard Head Coach 2020-07-25 [41] 2021-01-22 [51]
Chile Enatsu Gonzalo Peredo Álvarez Head Coach 2019-12-13 [35] 2020-08-12 [42]
Mexico DCStar Carlos Méndez Strategic Coach 2020-06-11 [40] 2020-08-12 [42] Quantum Gravity GamingQuantum Gravity Gaming Quantum Gravity Gaming
El Salvador Snok Roberto Coello Analyst 2019-12-13 [36] 2020-08-12 [42] Infinity EsportsInfinity Esports Infinity Esports
Mexico Soren Carlos Ibarra Head Coach 2016-06-17 [4] 2020-05-09 [39] Estral EsportsEstral Esports Estral Esports
Mexico Akari Carlos Calderón Manager 2018-11-24 [27][37] 2020-03-04 [38] Rainbow7Rainbow7 Rainbow7
Mexico Arwald Raúl Ibarra Manager 2017-05-22 [14] 2019-12-13 [37]
Mexico Skin Eduardo Saldaña Analyst 2017-11-12[18] 2018-12-01[28] Rainbow7Rainbow7 Rainbow7
Mexico Akari Carlos Calderón Analyst 2017-05-22[14] 2017-11-02[17] 6Sense6Sense 6Sense
Mexico La Mamá Julio Canto Manager 2016-04-23[3] 2019-06-17[4] Rainbow7Rainbow7 Rainbow7
United States SlapChop Dustin Lillie Analyst 2016-04-23[3] 2016-07 6Sense6Sense 6Sense


Date Placement Tier Tournament Results Prize
2021-10-07 B621 - 22nd A1Premier World Championship 2021 World Championship 0/-/4 Grp. S. $22,250
2021-08-28 A11st A2Major lla LLA Closing 2021 3 : 2 Estral EsportsEstral Esports $30,000
2021-05-11 B010 - 11th A1Premier Mid-Season Invitational Mid-Season Invitational 2021 1/-/5 Grp. S. $5,000
2021-04-10 A11st A2Major lla LLA Opening 2021 3 : 2 Furious GamingFurious Gaming $30,000
2020-04-25 A44th A2Major lla LLA Opening 2020 1 : 3 IsurusIsurus $2,817
2019-08-18 A33rd A2Major lla LLA Closing 2019 1 : 3 Isurus GamingIsurus Gaming $4,918
2019-04-20 A44th A2Major lla LLA Opening 2019 1 : 3 Rainbow7Rainbow7 $3,765
2018-10-07 B717 - 20th A1Premier World Championship 2018 World Championship 1 : 3 G2 EsportsG2 Esports $48,375
2018-09-15 A11st A2Major Final Latinoamérica Movistar 2018 3 : 0 Kaos Latin GamersKaos Latin Gamers $0
2018-09-08 A11st A2Major LLN LLN Closing 2018 3 : 2 Dash9 GamingDash9 Gaming $0
About achievementsComplete Results in any Tournament
DateTimeTierTournamentScoreVs. Team
2021-10-0711:00 UTCA1Premier2021 World Championship - Play- Play-In: Round 12021 World Championship - Play- Play-In: Round 10 : 1LNG EsportsLNG Esports LNG
2021-10-0613:00 UTCA1Premier2021 World Championship - Play- Play-In: Round 12021 World Championship - Play- Play-In: Round 10 : 1PEACEPEACE PCE
2021-10-0514:00 UTCA1Premier2021 World Championship - Play- Play-In: Round 12021 World Championship - Play- Play-In: Round 10 : 1Hanwha Life EsportsHanwha Life Esports HLE
2021-10-0512:00 UTCA1Premier2021 World Championship - Play- Play-In: Round 12021 World Championship - Play- Play-In: Round 10 : 1RED CanidsRED Canids RED
2021-08-0902:00 UTCA2MajorLLA Closing 2021 - Day 2LLA Closing 2021 - Day 21 : 0Rainbow7Rainbow7 R7
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